SPECIAL: Someone Else's POV

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Augustus’s POV

17 Years Later

Today is the 17th year anniversary of her death. It still hurts to think of her, after all these years. It pains me that she is still in Meadow Falls whereas I am in Newborough, hours away from where she is.

“Hey, dad,” my daughter greets me with a kiss in the cheek.

I smile. All thoughts fly out of the window when I concentrate fully on the brown haired seventeen-year-old. “Good morning, Bubbles.”

Melinda makes a face at the nickname, plopping in the seat next to me. “Can you please stop calling me that? Even Jasper started using it!”

I chuckle and drink up the last bit of my coffee. “Have you done your homework?”

She rolls her eyes, pretending to examine her nails. “Yes, I did it last night. Can we go now? Please?”

I put my empty mug in the sink before ruffling her curly hair. No doubt that she gets the curly hair from our side of the family.

Melinda looks so much like her mother. Aurora would be so proud of her if she were still alive. Melinda inherits not just the hair, but also Aurora’s height and face. The other characteristics must have come from the Siren father. Despite that, I can still see Aurora in Melinda. Every time I look at her, I would accidentally think that Aurora is her.

“Dad? Are you okay?” Melinda asks when she studies my face.

I shake my head and plaster a fake smile. “Of course, I am, Bubbles. Come on. The sun is going to rise soon and we have to get you to school.”

“Jasper is picking me up today,” she reminds me.

I scowl at the mention of her boyfriend. Even if Melinda is not my biological daughter, she is my responsibility. She knows that I’m not her true father, yet she still calls me dad. The memory of six-year-old Melinda accepting me as her father still brings me to tears. She is so understanding, so mature. 

Anyway, her boyfriend is a human from school. Melinda told me that he was new in school and he managed to find out about what she is. After all these years of hiding Melinda from everyone’s knowledge, the thought of someone knowing scares me. If anyone knows that Melinda is half Siren half mermaid, they will do anything to capture her and experiment on her.

That is a risk I’m never going to take.

That is one reason why I left Meadow Falls. Another reason is Cassandra Meridian is still living in Meadow Falls. I know that it isn’t her fault that Melanie is still a stone, but I always have the urge to kill her for revenge.

Oh, Melanie. I have visited her once a year, just to make sure that she doesn’t lose any part of her body. I always checked up on her, always hoping that there is hope to get her back to normal.

Of course, the miracle doesn’t happen yet.

“Dad, may I ask you a question?” Melinda asks, snapping me out of my reverie.

“Sure,” I reply, looking straight into her hazel eyes. Aurora’s hazel eyes. “Make it quick though, you’ll have only one hour in the water.”

“Can you tell me more about mum?”

I frown. “I did. She was my sister and …”

“No,” Melinda interjects, taking out something from her pocket. She hesitantly give it to me. “This lady. Who is she?”

In my palm lays a picture of Melanie and I when we were in the meadow before buying her Harley Davidson. So that’s where the picture went.

“It was my girlfriend,” I answer truthfully. “Her name was Melanie Meridian.”

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