Extra Scene Four

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"Who is this, dad?" the woman asks, still in defensive stance. Her eyes dart from Augustus to Nate. I'm so glad that I'm still invisible.

"You have a daughter?!" Nate says in shock. "You married someone else?"

Augustus ignores the woman. "Not exactly. She was my sister's daughter. I just took care of her after my sister's death. No one's perfect for me except for Melanie. Melinda, meet Nate. Nate, Melinda. Nate here is a dragon shifter as well. Melinda is a Siren."

Melinda's stance relaxes a little. "Nice to meet you, sir."

Nate nods. "Likewise."

From a distance, I hear the crunchy sounds of paws on dried leaves. It does not sound like there's only one werewolf outside. A large force burst the door open until the door falls, dust particles flying everywhere. I see Nate flinch at the loudness.

All of us turn to see three werewolves growling. Their eyes are blazing with anger. I recognize one of the werewolves as Gwen. She's obviously the oldest-looking wolf with one male and a female brown wolf on both her sides.

"Gwen!" Nate says happily, slowly walking towards his mate. He instantly put his hand on her shoulder that seems to calm Gwen down.

"Gwenny love, this is Augustus and his daughter Melinda," Nate says with a smile.

The older werewolf's eyes widen while the other two werewolves looks confused. Gwen excused herself along with the other two to shift back to human. Augustus watches Nate as Nate slowly takes a seat on the bench in front of a statue.

I make my way towards the grey statue of a very familiar person.

Those lifeless eyes.

The protective stance she's in.

The small smile on her face.

The statue is me.

"How have you been, Augustus? You don't look so ..."

"Good?" Augustus interrupts, chuckling a little. He then starts to cough violently. Melinda gave him a few pieces of tissue paper. The tissue has blood on it. "I'm sorry for not sticking around, Nate. I need to keep Melinda safe from unwanted attention."

Nate casts the half Siren a glance. "I understand. Shouldn't you be at a hospital? It looks really serious."

"Oh, Nate. I'm afraid my time is coming too soon. I want to see her for one last time."

My twin brother's eyes widen. "What? There must be something..."

"It's permanent. There's nothing to do left. I don't mind though. Maybe I can see her on the other side..."

Nate flinches.

At that very moment, Gwen and her two children enters the room. Gwen stands behind Nate and touches his shoulder.

"I apologize for that, Augustus," Gwen says sincerely.

"Who is he, mum? Dad?" the man asks Nate and Gwen.

"It's nice to finally meet you, Gwen," Augustus says with a smile. "Melanie spoke so much about the both of you. It is me who has to apologize for delaying our meeting until this day."

Gwen looks at the statue of me for a few seconds and then turns back to Augustus. "Better late than never."

"Melanie?" the lady asks. "Our sister Melanie?"

Nate chuckles at his children's confusion. "No, Tori. Augustus here was your Aunt Melanie's boyfriend. Remember? The one you stole the potions to visit when you were ... how old?"

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