Extra Scene One

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Extra Scene One

"Who's next?" I ask my assistant as soon as I have won a case. It had been a long day and so far, I lost three cases and won only one. Lucifer is very good at negotiating, which pisses me off. Some of the souls that are on their way to hell do not deserve to do so.

My job is so difficult these days since humans just love to commit many sins. Because of this, Lucifer manages to convince the jury that these sinful souls are to be punished in hell.

"A shifter named Melanie Meridian," she replies, looking down at her clipboard. "Her case is in ten minutes' time."

I frown at the familiar name. I take a seat on my leather chair, careful not to lie on my magnificent wings. "How did she die and when?"

My assistant puts down her file and walk over to the corner of my office to make me a cup of coffee. "Two months ago. She died by standing in between the current Medusa and the Peacekeeper. I don't think we can get this one, though. She has committed too many sins to be sent to heaven."

My eyes widen at the mention of the Peacekeeper. Every angel has talked about the Battle that has nearly changed everyone's life. It is all because of one girl that we were saved. Athena came up to me not long ago to find Melanie among the dead. She pleaded with me to fight for her place in heaven, where she belongs. Of course, I agreed since Athena had been a dear friend of mine.

All of a sudden, I feel like I just woke up and am ready for a marathon instead of working in the Judging Court for almost two days. "Is there anything in her life that can possibly get her to our side?"

Claire raises an eyebrow. "You're fighting for her?"

"Of course, I am! It's my job to win as many cases as possible, isn't it?" I bark at her, standing from my chair. I can feel my feathery wings extend until I can feel the brushing against the walls.

Claire flinches at my anger. It's not surprising since I'm an angel and it is difficult for an angel to get mad. Perhaps the shift has taken a toll on me. I have got to sleep after winning Melanie's case.

"Let's go," I tell my assistant when I feel my anger disappear. I grab my coat and the cup of coffee Claire made for me. "Which courthouse?"

"The Supreme Judging Courthouse. The case is starting in five minutes and the judge is Judge Octoselieus."

I curse under my breath, running out of my office. Claire is trying to catch up with me but the moment I am out of the building, I let out my wings and glide down from heaven towards the Supreme Judging Courthouse on Mount Olympus. By the time I reach, there are many angels and demons blocking the entrance. All creatures eagerly wanting to know the fate of their hero.

"Get out of my way!" I yell, shoving past them.

Most of them ignore me, engage in the conversation with their friends. I am pissed, angry, frustrated and I want nothing more than to use my powers to shoo them away.

"Come on, Michael. You're so lucky that you're in time," my friend Zane tells me, guiding me through the security and in the Courthouse. "Lucifer has something up his sleeves, just thought I would warn you."

"Thanks," I mumble, gulping my coffee as we enter the elevator up to the third floor. The third floor is strictly secured. Not many has the authority to enter the third floor of the Supreme Judging Courthouse. This is the floor that usually holds the case of famous people.

"This is as far as I can go. Good luck, Michael."

"Thanks, Zane."

The elevator doors open, blinding me for a moment. It takes a while for my eyes to adjust to the bright courthouse with Lucifer, Judge Octoselieus, a deeply sleeping Melanie and a few Judging Security Guards.

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