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“Woah,” Lina mumbles in wonder as she stares at Anna. Anna, on the other hand, is tensed up.

‘Calm down,’ I tell Anna through our link.

She looks at me and lowers her head so she’s the same eye level as me.

‘Danger?’ she asks me, casting a quick glance at Lina.

‘Far from it,’ I inform her.

As soon as she hear my answer, she slithers around me, this time, her big snake head is behind me.

‘Can you tell her that I apologize for jumping to conclusions too quickly?’ Anna sheepishly says, hiding behind me.

“Anna says she’s sorry about that,” I tell Lina, but she merely shrugs it off.

“That’s alright. I know all guardian animals will feel overprotective over their owners. Once Nila nearly scratched Nero’s mouth off when he insulted me on the day I got her. Boy was that hilarious. It was a good thing that Nero didn’t have his guardian animal yet at that time,” she says.

I imagine Nero being attacked by a very vicious cat, which makes me laugh out loud.

That’s when the door slams open and in comes Augutus with an icy glare fixated on Lina. “What are you doing – ” His question is cut off when he sees Anna behind me. “Bloody hell,” he mumbles.

“What?” I snap at him. Anna glares back at Augustus.

‘I don’t like him,’ she tells me.

‘That makes the both of us.’

“He wouldn’t like this at all,” Augustus says, shaking his head to himself. I’m starting to worry for his mentality. He snaps his head up, as if he realizes that Lina and I are watching him.

“Get out of here, hello kitty,” Augustus hisses at Lina.

She scowls at him. “Excuse me, Mister All-Mighty-Dragon-Shifter? Who the heck do you think you are to order me away when you can’t even teach a girl to properly shift or even project her guardian animal?”

Augustus scoffs at her. “Do I look like I have time to teach? After all, prey shifters are meant to be great teachers.”

Lina starts to shake when he said this. Her eyes are slit, almost like a cat’s. I know that Augustus can easily kill her if Lina makes the first move.

“Oh yeah? Rare shifters are supposed to be gods, aren’t they? What, you’re going to rule MountOlympus or The White House?” Lina snaps back.

“At least I won’t spend the rest of my life here in this very building!” Augustus says harshly.

Lina finally cannot take it and shifts into her black cat with white paws. She pounces on Augustus with a loud angry meow. Her claws extended, aiming for Augustus smug face.

Before Lina can touch Augustus, he ducks, making Lina fly over his head. Lina lands gracefully behind him, twitching her tail in annoyance.

Augustus shifts into his blue dragon, using his tail to bat Lina.

Poor Lina meows painfully as she flies across the room, hitting the wall with a loud thud. Augustus stalks towards her with something blue coming out of his mouth.

Oh no.

Lina looks with wide cat-like eyes at me, pleading me.

‘Save roommate,’ Anna tells me.

‘Yes, save her,’ I respond back mentally.

I don’t know what I did, but Anna seems to know what she’s doing. I feel pain in my bare right hand, but before I can inspect it, I feel like I’m being boiled alive. No matter what, I can’t scream at the pain. I watch as Lina stares at me while Augustus in dragon form is about to kill her with one blast of water ball.

Lina would die.

I did not concentrate on the pain. I let the pain run through me as I focus on saving her.

‘Now,’ Anna tells me.

I feel myself smile in snake form.

‘With pleasure,’ I reply.

Without hesitating, I let out a fireball that comes out from my tail. The fireball hits Augustus in the face, making a loud hissing sound.

He turns around, looking at me with rage. He lets out a loud angry snarl.

It is a sign of a challenge.

I hiss back in reply, accepting the challenge.

This is a fire serpent against a water dragon duel. 

Author's Note

I know it's short! Sorry lah. Plus, today is my birthday and I'm sick. :/  Next question: What was my first 16th birthday present? You will have to try to guess this one. This present is given by my friend, @Lamepuns so if you're nice, please follow her. 





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