the one with the flashback

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2 weeks later you were on a 4 hour drive with Jungkook to his childhood home in Busan.

It was his older brothers birthday that day so you set off at 7am in Jungkook's car.

You were going to meet his family for the first time and you shouldve been nervous to make a good first impression but you couldnt focus on that yet.

The ride to Busan mainly consisted off you napping for the first 3 hours then pretending to nap for the last hour.

You had an event of the previous day playing over in your head in the form of an angering flashback.

"Y/n, darling." your boss purred behind you, his hands coming to rest on your shoulders as you sat in your spinny chair.

He messaged at your shoulders and you shivered under his touch.

The action would've have seemed inappropriate and violating from your boss but you were pretty sure he was gay so you brushed it off.

"Yes Mr. Shin?"

"The meeting is about to start."

You shot up and he whipped around walking off, you followed not realising everyone was in the meeting already.

Only 2 seats next to each other remained empty so you took one and your boss took the other.

The meeting always started at 5pm and ended an hour later then everyone went home.

"Welcome everyone, I know you all want to get home so I'll try make this quick. This week we lost 2 cases...." One of the 2 named partners would always run the meeting every week so you knew what to expect.

When the meeting hit 47 minutes and your boss sat down from doing his little summary of his subordinates work for the week, his hand slithered onto your thigh, you instantly tensed up and glanced at him but he just squeezed your thigh harshly.

You looked forward again, completely uncomfortable as his fingers started to rub at the inside of your thigh.

If Jungkook had done this it would have turned you on but this was your boss.

You brushed his hand off realising how disgusting the action was.

You sat undisturbed for the last 8 minutes.

The meeting ended and you got up to leave like everyone else.

"Can I talk to you in my office, y/n" he requested, it shocked you he didnt say the 'Darling' like he usually did. You assumed he gave you the nickname becaue one, you thought he was homosexual and two, you were the youngest lawyer in the office so he wanted you to feel welcome.

You followed him into his office and he held open the door, letting you enter before closing it.

"Have a seat." he said and you did as he walked around you and half sat on his desk, right infront of you.

"Now, Darling, why did you brush my hand away like that in the meeting?" he questioned, staring you down like prey.

"Because it was inappropriate for your hand to be there." you said as formally as possible.

"You're telling me you don't want that promotion you've worked so hard for?"

"Not like that, sir." you gritted your teeth as you spoke. You figured out exactly what he wanted. He wanted you to sleep with him to get your promotion but you werent going to give him the satisfaction of you knowing.

"You know, I really admire you, you are the youngest in the firm's history to become a lawyer, probably the youngest in Seoul. This means you must be passionate and ambitious, am i right?

"Yes I am, Mr Shin."

"Well since you are so ambitious, i need something from you in order for you to get this promotion."

"What is it?"

"A smart girl like you can imagine what I want from you" he said leaning closer to you and stroking his thumb down your jawline.

"I really don't" you said moving your head back from his touch.

"Let me fuck you until you can't walk." He said way too simply.

"Are you joking?" You ask, debating on whether to stand up and storm out or not, "I'm not doing that." you said standing.

"Feisty, huh? You didn't really think that a woman could get far without this did you? If you want to make it anywhere in life you need to take advantage of opportunities." That was it, you stormed to the door, swinging it open with force.

"Think about it over the weekend, darling." he added as you left quickly.

You went to the bathrooms, fell onto your knees in a stall and hurled straight into one of the toilets.

The sushi platter you had had for lunch now gone from your stomach and lining the toilet bowl.

You wanted to cry, feeling scared for all that could have just happened in your bosses office and what would happen if she didn't do as he said.

You, however, refused to let the tears fall as you wiped your mouth with the back of your hand and stood up, flushing the toilet.

You watched the water wash away your previous meal before going to wash your hands.

You looked at yourself in the mirror.

"You're better than this. Don't let it get to you." you told your mirrored self.

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