the one with the talking

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“I know you wouldn’t” he smiled widely, baring his teeth.

“Why are you so touchy today?” you whined, forcing yourself out of his grip and pouting subtly.

“I just missed you.” 

“Stop all the lovey dovey and give me a hug too.” Your brother complained, you were surprisingly taken back by him not being too mad at you walking in with the youngest member. 

You gave him his hug and then handed him the bag of food. You then went around hugging everyone else to not seem weird or rude.

You were also hiding your bad mood.

Jungkook assuming you wanted to sleep with him made you uncomfortable, and when you were in an uncomfortable situation you got mad so that you wouldn't get embarrassed. 

"Let's open some of these babies up!" Jimin cheered scurrying his hands through the bag, pulling out some doritos share bags and some miscellaneous biscuits.

You chatted with the guys a bit then grabbed one of the dorito bags and disappeared from the room, headed for Jungkook's room.

"Overwatch?” he asked as you entered. You nodded as you munched on a dorito, taking a seat on his bed next to him.

You finish the first round in complete silence. It was awkward, but you won. Half way through the second round Jungkook paused the game. You felt him turn and look at you. You kept your eyes on the screen.

“Y/n, I told you I was sorry, you can’t still be mad at me. Stop ignoring me.” Now he was getting mad at you for being mad at him.

“I’m not ignoring you, I’m just choosing to not talk to you.”

“You can’t avoid the topic of,” he lowered his voice a bit so nobody outside of the room could hear him, “sex. Especially with your boyfriend. My ex slept with me on our 2nd date, we’ve been on heaps of dates and you don’t even seem interested.”

“Did you just-” you muttered lightly.

“Like I get you’re scared of losing your virginity and all the first-time shit, but I know what I’m doing and I think we should talk about whether we are going to-” he stopped when you stood up from the bed, staring down at him.

He couldn’t see the tears rimming your eyelashes because of the closed curtains and you were thankful for that. 

“Play with yourself” you spat, throwing the remote at his chest.

You knew it would hurt a bit but not enough to bruise him. With the thud of your remote hitting the floor, you were out the door.

He was confused as to which context you had meant your statement in but didn’t get too caught up on which you meant, he just knew that you were mad.

You knew he was staring at you like a child who’s toy had just been taken away.

Confused and concerned.

You swung the door open and by then the first tears had fallen onto your shirt.

You walked straight into someone’s shoulder. Your head hung low, meaning it was the first point of impact. 

“Sh-” Yoongi went to swear but stopped when he realised you were crying. He had a soft spot for you, you knew he did. 

“Y/n, look at me” he said as his body faced yours.

Jungkook was still watching through the open door. You pulled it shut and refused to look up at the man.

Y/n…” he grabbed your chin softly and angled it up to look at him. You blinked furiously as you looked him in the eyes.

Shit, what happened?” he whispered, seeing your bad state.

You just broke down into more tears. He sighed softly and pulled you into a hug. His past of knowing you for as long as middle school, left him protective of you like an older brother.

After collecting yourself for a few moments, you mumbled into his collarbone. 

“Where’s Tae?” he didn’t actually understand what you had said but figured you would be wanting to be comforted by you best friend.

“He’s in his room.” he said and you tore yourself from him like velcro and disappeared from the hall with a small ‘thanks’.

Yoongi went straight for Jungkook’s now closed door, opening it and slammed it closed. 

“Taeh-hyung?” you said opening his door a small bit.

“Y/n?” Taehyung said, peeking his head out of his closet, shirtless.

“Aww no, come here.” he said moving quickly to you as you entered further into his room. He embraced you and you cried against his bare skin. 

You stood like that for a few minutes, him swaying you slightly side to side as you clung to him and cried. 

Meanwhile, in Jungkook’s room.

Yoongi wasn’t impressed. Jungkook looked scared out of his wits.

“What did you do?” Yoongi barked. He wasn’t anywhere near being pissed but he knew that Namjoon wasn’t going to be involved so he would have to be the one to break it down for Jungkook.

“Hyung- I- I- was just talking to her.” 

“Well what the fuck did you say to make her cry, Jeon?” he was acting all intimidating to get the answer out of the younger boy. He was somewhat mad but his body language and word choice made it seem he was pissed.

“I- I said that we needed to talk about…” he felt awkward even saying it in front of his hyung.

“Sex? Am I right?” he questioned, knowing what topics upset you.

“How did you-”

“I’ve known her since she was 13. I know her a lot better than you think, and apparently a lot better than you do. What exactly did you say to her?” he questioned. 

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