the one with the goldennboy

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"Sombra for now, please" You said with a eager smile.

You hadn't had someone to play any games with for more than a year.

"Ok," he said setting your character and passing the remote to you, "Here you go."

You took the remote as he selected his character.

"Thanks" you said politely.

"You don't have to be so formal and polite with me" he said as the countdown for the match started at 10 seconds.

"Yeah I do, you are older than me" you said as it got to 7 seconds.

"Not by much, and this is my room so my rules, and my rules say that Y/N doesn't have to be so formal and polite. She also must make herself comfortable because she looks very out-of-place on the corner of my bed. Even though I don't bite." He said with a focused face as the countdown hit 3.

"Ok, ok. But if i get too close, Namjoon will somehow sense it and stop us from playing together." You replied.

"He isn't a hound, and your brother does talk very fondly of you, so you should cut him some slack." he finished as you moved so that were sitting more on the bed, with just your ankles and feet hanging off the edge.

The timer hit 1 and the screen changed, the round starting off and soon enough you realised that Jungkook was amazing at it, but on the other hand, so were you.

One problem though, you weren't used to a ps4 controller so you weren't even coming in the top 3 yet.

"Headshot! Got ya!" Jungkook said smirking from behind you.

"Shut up!" you said as you respawned. You could practically hear the smirk on his face through his voice.

"Hey!" he whined as you sniped him while you were both running.

"This controller is weird, xbox is much easier to use." You said as you gained to 2nd place, Jungkook's user, goldennboy above your guest1.

The match finished, goldennboy still number 1.

"I thought you were good at overwatch?" Jungkook teased.

"Jungkook-ah! I am warming up." You yelled at him very informally and started the next round.

You won.

And the 2 of you ended up playing into the later hours of the night.

"I win! Told you I was good." You said turning your face to behind you to proudly smile at him.

"Namjoon! Your sister is a bully! She keeps rubbing everything in my face! Namj-" You lurched towards the whiny boy and put your hand over his mouth.

He frowned at you.

"Shhhh, if you remind him i'm here then he will make me go home." You whispered and slowly uncovered his mouth.

You honestly didn't want to go home, you were having fun and you stared right into Jungkook's eyes to try tell him that.

"So, you are enjoying this? Because i'm good competition, right?" He teased with a lower voice than before... or was that just your imagination.

"Maybe." You said turning back to the tv, facing your back to him again.

"Come on, admit it, i'm not bad." He said shuffling to be right behind you.

"Nope, you're terrible." You said waiting for him to start the next match.

This time he lurched forward and grabbed your waist, tickling you.

"Are you sure?" He said as you squirmed and couldn't stop yourself from laughing.

"Kook....! Stop!!" you whined and tried to grab his hands to pry them away from you, you failed, of course.

"Admit it." He said in a deep voice by your ear.

"Never!" You said wrapping your arms around yourself to try create a protective barrier.

Lazy nearing footsteps made you both freeze.

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