the one with the hot stuff

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“Me?” stated man questioned, hand pointed at himself.

He seemed concerned now.
You had everyone’s attention now.

“How hot would you rate Namjoon out of 10?” you let out, smiling still.

“Uhhh, 7?” he was lost and confused, the others as well. Namjoon was curious now, your antics were interesting to say the least.

“Ok, next.” you said, pointing to Yoongi.



“7” the boy said, clearly curious as well now.


“A strong 6.”

“6!? Yah! Jimin!” Namjoon outbursted, offended.

“Shhh, i’m not finished. Jin?”


“Thank you, someone who appreciates me.” Namjoon said, eyeing Jimin.


“Do I have to be a part of this?”

“Yes! Now tell me how hot you would rate my brother”

“Fine, 7.5”

“That’s a total of 42 out of 60. Correct?” you questioned your brother.

“Yes, now how does that prove that you’re ho-”

“Wait, I’m not finished.”

“Can somebody explain what is going on?”

“I will when you all say 1 more number for me.”

“Number for what?” Taehyung asked.

“How hot you think I am, out of 10.”

“Namjoon won’t let us answer that.” Yoongi added.

“He asked me to prove a point, so he will let you answer as freely as you want. Won’t you brother?”

“Fine. Answer however you want.”

“See. Let’s start with Jimin.”


“Thanks Jimin” you said, smiling widely. He smirked at your acceptance.

“Now…. Hoseok!”

“8.5” he seemed too firm, afraid of Namjoon.


He glanced you up and down before answering.


You hadn't really realised that you bare legs were on show as well as your collar bone. The shorts and baggy-collared shirt seemed to work in your favour though.


“10” he mumbled.

“10?” Namjoon and you asked in sync, yet in different manors. Your brothers seemed shocked and hinting on annoyed, yours was more of happy shock.

You didn't think he actually saw you as a 10 because of your friendship but that he said it to be on your side of the argument.

“Thanks Tae! You're a 10 too!” you smiled and he seemed to blush?

“What about Jin?”

“I'd say you're a 9.”

“ok. And finally, Jungkook?”

“I really don't want to be apart of this…”

“Answer the question Kook” you grumbled, pouting.

“10. Happy?”

“Yep. Ok so that's a total of 56 out of a possible 60.”

“Ok, ok. You're the hotter sibling, happy?” Namjoon replied to your triumphant smirk.

“Yep, grandpa.”

“Now go get dressed, hot stuff.” he was going to mock you with nicknames now.

“Thank you to all my supporters! I will now put some real clothes on!” you said bowing and disappearing to your room as if you were a beauty pageant winner exiting the winning stage.

“You all think she is hot?” Jungkook questioned. He hadn't realised that they all thought highly of your looks.

“Yeah, well, I mean, no?” Jimin said, Namjoon studying him as he did.

“Didn't you say she was a 10 hmm?” Taehyung teased Jungkook.

“So did you!” the youngest defended.

“I'm her best friend! I was supporting her. You don't have an excuse.”

“Namjoon, you know we wouldn't even dream of your sister being with one of us. We wouldn't, would we?” Jin said, distracting him a bit.

The others nodded in sync, besides Jungkook, he was slightly slow to nod.

“That’s good to know.”

Silence. Awkward silence.

“So, have you guys ea-”

Stares. Too many stares.

“What?” you were suddenly self conscious. Your simple sweats and white shirt with a thot knot, exposing a small bit of stomach was suddenly uncomfortable.

“Someone speak?” you asked suddenly desperate.

Aish~ cover up.” Namjoon said, walking towards you. He stood infront of you and tugged at your shirt hem, disgraced.

“Hey!” you growled, swatting his hands.

“This is my house, i dress how i want, and we have to get the furniture and boxes from the storage up the stairs, so it’s gonna get hot. Just like me, aye boys?”

“Don’t be difficult you two. Can we just get on with it?” Yoongi interrupted.

“Yep. Follow me downstairs.” you said, marching to the door and propping it open.

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