the one with the 'call me baby'

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“We could play singstar? Or Just Dance?” Taehyung suggested. God, did he know you well.

“Singstar.” you said with another mouthful.

“Fine by me.” he said setting it up.

“Can I join?” Jimin asked beside you, you nodded, staring at the food in between your own hands.

Half an hour later you were belting out the lyrics to Call Me Baby by EXO with Jimin and Taehyung, having the time of your life when Jungkook walked into the room.

You didn’t even notice him as you swung your hips singing the iconic chorus of “Call me baby, call me baby” smiling at the 2 boys dancing around either side of you.

When Jimin stopped moving closely around you as he had been, you knew he was in the room.

You ignored him, keeping your back to him.

Taehyung looked a hint annoyed but continued to dance and sing his set parts happily.

You hoped he would leave by the time the song was over but yet, you sat yourself on the couch and noted his outline in the tv reflection that boasted your 2nd place score.

“That’s no fair” Jimin whined, his 3rd place score being quite close to yours.

“Sorry bout it, Jimmy boi.” you said patting his shoulder.

“What do you want Jungkook?” Taehyung asked, he was only being a little salty for the moment.

The boy just tsked and left the room. 

“He really does need someone to sleep with him, ooof” you muttered and the boys either side of you both frowned slightly.

“Y/n, don’t even think about it.” Taehyung said firmly. He knew what you were thinking.

“You don’t need to sleep with him to brighten his mood.” Jimin added, he had clicked on what Taehyung had meant.

“If he is like this when I’m mad at him, then how are you guys supposed to all get along?” 

“He is just putting on a show, as soon as you leave he will be fine.” this was a white lie from Jimin, you all knew it but you were determined to believe it.

“Then I should go.” you said getting up.

“Noooo” Taehyung whined.

“I have some chores I need to do anyway, now walk me to the door like a gentleman.” you grabbed his hand, trying to pull up. He sighed and stood up, letting you hold his hand.

“Bye Jimin, sorry I beat you.” you said offering him a sweet smile, he returned it with a soft laugh.

Moments later you were at the front door to the apartment.

“You and me. Dinner. My place. 6pm.” you said throwing yourself into taehyung for a hug.


“You are free, right?”

“Yep!” he said lying light-heartedly, the guys were supposed to go to a restaurant tonight but he was happy to drop them for you. 

“Cool, we’ll talk then.”


“Can you open up! y/n!!” pounding on your door for the 2nd time. You got off the toilet, washed your hands and went to the door.

“You are late.” you spat playfully as you let him in.

“What ya gonna do about it? Buy me dinner?” he teased back.

“Nah-uh, your turn to buy.” you said smirking as you threw yourself onto your couch, he joined you.

“But I’m the guest.” he whined.

“You know that doesn’t change anything and anyway, it’s not like you aren’t a millionaire anyway. Now back to “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” you said clicking play. He ordered the food on his phone as the first episode of this new watching session started.

It arrived after you finished the episode. He pulled his hood up and went to the door.

“Thank you, have a nice night.” You heard him from the couch, “Guess who’s got food” he sang out to you as he sat back on the couch, putting the paper bag on the coffee table and pulling out the white cardboard boxes.

“We dooooo” you sang back.

"I'm so hungry" he said opening his box and snapping the chopsticks from each other  to begin eating. You did the same.

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