the one with the snacks

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“Where do you want these?” Jimin asked, Jungkook following him.

It was the 4th and final time everyone had carried things up the apartment building stairs so everyone was now hot, sweaty and tired.

Boxes, flatpacks and furniture had all been carried up from the storage room 3 floors below.

“Just over there please.”


“y/n! Do you have any snacks? I’m hungry.” Taehyung asked, walking out of your bedroom, having put some of the boxes of clothes in there.

“Joon, did you bring my snacks that you promised me?” you questioned your brother who was now on the couch, having a break from the now finished work.

“I put them in the kitchen when we arrived.”

“Ok. Everyone find a seat and have a break while i get snacks and after snacking we can build the flat packs and unbox everything.”

You were happy and exhausted, everyone was.

Chatter started as you left the room in search of snacks for all.

“Who wants what?” you said dumping the plastic bags’ contents straight onto the floor.
The guys snatched up what they wanted, not even replying.

You grabbed a bag of mini oreos and ate those.

“This is a really nice place y/n.” Jungkook said, smiling sickly sweet.

“Thanks Jungkook.”

“All that school paid off.” Namjoon said, smiling proudly, he knew you had worked hard, almost as hard as he did to get where he was today.

“We’re so proud!” Taehyung said getting off the couch to side hug you.

“Thanks Tae” you giggled as he stuck his chin on your shoulder.

“We all are.” Jin said.

Soon enough everyone was doing a job. Yoongi and Namjoon were building furniture. Jin was unpacking kitchenware. Hoseok was unpacking bathroom items. Jimin and Jungkook were moving furniture around at your command whilst Taehyung unpacked your clothes.

“Lift it up Kook.”

“We just did y/n” Jimin spluttered tiredly.

“This is the last thing then you guys are finished and we can watch a movie and relax. Okay?”

“Fine” they both hummed and lifted the couch to change its angle to your command.

Everyone was finished helping by 3:30pm.

Everyone ended up slumped in your room.

It was big enough that you had floor space for all the boys to crash on the floor but you weren't that mean so you made sure everyone had a seat, whether it was on the beanbag in the corner, your desk chair or on your bed.

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