the one with the rumors

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The next day you got a text.


wassssup y/n, its kook.

                            hey goldennboy. I'm guessing you got my number from Tae?
 Or another member?



cool, what did ya need?

I was wondering if u wanted
2 come over and play with me

u do mean video games right?


wow u crustyy

                        i was just making sure!
I've been asked that b4 ok

woops sorry

but yeah i’d love too, what time?


is 3:30 good for you?

yeppers, c u then :)

k byeeee


You had just gotten off work, you were tired, working at a law firm as a paralegal, hoping to make associate then partner later on in your career was not the most thrilling thing in the world.

However, it did pay well, not too well that you could be classified as having a high paying job, but it was enough money for you to buy your own, somewhat large, apartment at 21.

Your parents were proud of you, but when Namjoon and his group hit it big time in America, he seemed to be the centre of attention.

They were supportive and proud, you understood that, but you did have times during family meals and gatherings that you did feel overlooked and hidden in your brothers shadow.

You hated it sometimes.

The whole ordeal of being cast aside had made you almost desperate for attention.

At school you had gone from the nerdy shy girl with the older brother, to the popular pretty girl with smarts. You had made your way up the ranks of high school society, many assumed that you slept your way to popularity but in honesty, you still hadn't lost your v-card.

Rumors had spread, and the guys at school suddenly all wanted a piece of you.

You had your fun, messing with the guys, taunting them. You hadn't had your brother to keep you away from the guys, or the guys away from you.

But once your brother showed up after his group started winning a few awards here and there, he came back into your life.

This ended in your brother catching a guy, all over a half-dressed you, at a party full of underage high school students as well as older college students.

That hadn't gone well. To say the least.

And from then onwards your brother assumed that you had slept around.

He plastered his little, unsupervised sister as a slut in his eyes. What else could he do? He had only heard about the rumors, not the real situations.

Even when you tried to tell him that you were anything but a slut, he still couldnt help but believe the rumors, it made him naive in a sense.

But anyway, you didn't want to think over the subject that had basically corrupted you and your older brothers relationship.

You got in the shower, to cleanse your mind of the sourness that your thoughts of your family left prominently in your head.

After the relaxation and calmness of the hot water running over yourself you got into some black Adidas joggers, simple white shirt and light denim jacket. A suitable attire for an afternoon of overwatch and hopefully eating snacks.


You had a good 15 minutes before you had to hail a cab and leave. So, for the time being you just scrolled through your phone. You ended up texting your brother.

bigbro 🤪

hiii joonie


hi sis, I just finished practise
and am going out on a
date actually.

damnnn get it big bro!!

shut up.


im just trying to be supportive

well thx, wyd?

just chillin, i got off
work early today

r u just at ur apartment?


i have a few gaps coming
up in my schedule


U said that
last time

then u suddenly had to
leave the country


i promise ill help you
move your stuff in


how about i get the
guys to help too?

will that make up for it?

that is acceptable

but u
owe me still

ill bring snacks

ok ok, just tell me
what day

i will i will

i gtg, get to back to me
with the dayy

woah someone sounds
like a lawyer :)


stfu, bye

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