the one with the sewer rat

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You had snuggled with Jungkook for a few minutes after your intimate time. He had fallen back asleep but you were thirsty.

You opened his door silently and walked to the kitchen as quietly as possible. You found a glass and the tap. You poured yourself a glass and put it up to your lips.

"What the fuc-" a groggy voice exclaimed behind you, you spun around clutching the glass, "I forgot you stayed the night. For a second I thought you were one of the guys' hookups...would it kill you to put on pants?" Your brother said eyeing your attire, he was rambling.

You pulled up the oversized plaid to show the black boxers you were wearing.

Namjoon eyed you suspiciously.

"You didn't take his clothes did you?" He said clearly unaware to you and the Maknae just going at it like rabbits minutes ago.

"No, I asked him. I'm not one to steal." You said with a wide grin.

"Why are you smiling?" He asked and your face dropped.

"Nothing, I just slept really well." You said before taking another sip of the glass.

You were really smiling at the thought of Jungkook giving you his clothes having thought about what made you comfortable and what didn't.

"Good." He said walking to your side to the coffee machine.

"Why did you leave me?" Jungkook whined, entering the kitchen rubbing his face.

He stopped when he noticed his hyung standing next to you, back to him.

You saw Namjoon straighten up and turn around from your peripheral vision.

"I was thirsty." you said holding up the glass to show him.

"Morning hyung." Jungkook said bowing casually. Namjoon nodded his head back, taking in the couples conversation in silently while waiting for the coffee pot to heat.

"You were tired, so I thought it would be best to let you go back to sleep." You said.

"You had a stressful week." You added, filling the glass again before leaning back on the counter.

You had to cover up what you were saying so Namjoon didn't ask questions.

"Stressful?" He asked confused.

"Dealing with me, and this grouch, all after being punched in the face." You explained, glancing at Namjoon who was now leaning on the corner of the wrap around counter, sipping his coffee.

His eyebrows shot up at your words before thinning at you over his mug.

"Poor Maknae..." you said quickly moving to the younger man. You put your glass down and wrapped your arms around the Maknaes torso. His hand instantly went to your back as you hugged his side.

"I see your point." Namjoon grumbled knowing he couldn't argue against you speaking the truth.

You smiled before reaching up to kiss Jungkook's cheek.

"Shouldn't everyone be up by now?" You asked seeing the clock in the kitchen reading 8am. They had a gym session at 8:30 according to Jungkook.

"Boo!" Taehyung said suddenly appearing beside you, shaking your shoulders while you still hugged your boyfriend. You yelped and squished yourself into Jungkooks side, frightened.

Taehyung smiled evily.

"Far out Tae, I swear to God I will beat you up." You said slapping him in the chest before he could move out of your range.

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