the one with the no

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warning: very interesting (aka steamy) chapter ahead

“I’m still not used to these controllers” you whined, sitting right next to Jungkook on his bed.

“Too bad” he says as the round continues.

You were slow to start off, being killed twice by the time you had killed one person.

“You know what’s better than ps4? Xbox.” you said as you killed jungkook’s avatar.

“No it’s not. Ps4 is way better.” he said side glancing at you.

“Uh, no. I can tell you for a fact that xbox is superior to ps4.” You said pushing his shoulder playfully.

He frowned at you and pushed you back.

You were the one to frown this time and you pushed him backwards, with more power and force.

He was definitely shocked by your strength as he lay on his back looking up at you.

“I win, xbox is better.” you said smiling down at him as the round ended without either of yours’ full attention.

“No, ps4” he said grabbing your shoulders as he sat up and pushed you down, hovering above you.

You squirmed and pouted up at him.

“Kook-ah! Xbox is superior and you have to accept it.” You teased, and turned your face to look towards the blind-covered-window towards your left, avoiding his eyes.

Nah-uh” he said using one of his hands to grab your chin and pull it back to look at him. Your faces both quite close.

“Yea-” you shut your mouth off when his eyes shifted, a spark igniting, warming the chocolate brown pools sheltered behind the corneas.

You swallowed then licked your lips, nervous suddenly.

His irises were expanding, the longer you made eye contact. He lowered his face, tilting it to the side slightly, making sure his nose didn’t hit yours. You had been subtly flirting with him for a week now so this was an interesting turn of events.

He came 95% of the way and wasn’t going to go any further without your permission. You had to admit, he was hot.

Maybe a kiss wouldn’t hurt?

You went for it, the other 5%. Your lips crashing up onto his, both of his and yours eyes squeezing shut instantly.

Your lips melted into each other like chocolate fondue and his hand that had grabbed your chin slid behind your head. You fastened the pace of the kiss, turning it from a soft slow-mo kiss into a hot make out session real quick.

You started to feel like you were the eager one but you began to tire quickly.

You realised he wasn't there for the short run but for the long one. The heat from your inside moved to your cheeks as you pulled your lips away from his. He wasn’t finished with you yet though.

As soon as you detached your mouth from his, he nestled his head in your neck, softly kissing your sensitive skin.

Your chest heaved as you attempted to catch your breath, you felt out of practice with the whole making-out-thing.

Shit” you mumbled and felt him smirk against your neck. He must of thought you were talking about him, but, in fact, you were cursing yourself because of how short you could actually last in a make-out session nowadays.

He started to roughen the way he kissed your neck.

You freaked out, grabbing his sides and using your weight to roll the both of you over. You sat atop his lower stomach as he lay on his back slightly shocked at you being able to flip him over like that.

“Jungkook, no.” you said reaching a hand to your neck.

He furrowed his brows at you.

No what?” he asked, obliviously with confusion.

“You can’t give me a hickey” you said making a face down at him.

“What? Why not?” He said, confused still.

You sighed, “Why do you think?” you questioned him back, challengingly.

“Because we aren’t dating? Because you don’t like me like that?” He said looking up you, a splash of sadness mixing in the chocolate pools of his eyes.

“No you idiot. Because if I walk out of this room with one visible mark on me, Namjoon will beat the shit out of you and disown me as a sister. And you can’t be an idol if you can’t walk.” You said rolling your eyes as you clambered off of him. Sitting down on the bed beside his laying form. He sat up, inspecting your face.

“Well am I a good kisser at least?” he said wiggling his brows at you.

“I can’t tell you the answer to that from one kiss.” You said glancing to the closed door, as if your brother was standing right on the other side of it.

“Would you be willing to be my girlfriend? Because then you would be able to answer that question.” He said with a sprinkling of pink blush across his cheeks.

“If we dated, we couldn’t let my brother know, would you be able to do that?” You said tapping a finger on your chin as if you were thinking hard.

“Well he still doesn’t know that you practically come over every day to play games with me, so i think i could handle it.” he said, moving his eyes to the tv screen, the black and neon ‘round-end’ screen of the now forgotten game still present.

“Then I guess i’m willing.” you said with a perky smile. He smiled back too.

“Then how about round 2?” he said.

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