the one without the 'I love you' pt.2

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"Yah~!" he yelled running after you after a sign.

Running wasn't his favourite thing in the world. In fact, he refused to run when he was working out. He did almost everything but run, but he was willing to run for you, so he did.

"You should be able to outrun me." you said panting as you met the end of the fastpass line. He arrived about 5 seconds after you, panting as well.

"You had a head start."

"Excuses, excuses, we made it in time didn't we?" you said turning to face the same way as the rest of the line.

"You owe me." he said wrapping his arms around your waist as well as the plushie that you still continued to hold to your stomach.

"Fine, sorry I made you exercise." you teased. He liked exercising and you knew it would annoy him that you called running exercise.

"It's ok." he said pouting as he propped his head on your shoulder.

He was warm and homely.

You turned your head to the side and kissed his cheek multiple times until he smiled his bunny smile with closed eyes.

He had discarded his face mask when it had gotten dark because the park was a lot emptier and it was hard to see people's faces.

You got to the front of the line and Jungkook helped you into the log.

He told you when the camera would be so you could take a cute photo.

You told him to smile at the camera but just as it came into sight you kissed his cheek.

At the end of the ride you got splashed with water and yelped at its coolness.

You weren't soaked but you were wet enough to feel the cold and shiver.

You got off the ride and Jungkook grabbed your hand as you walked to the photo stand.

You let out a stupid laugh when spotting the photo on the screen.

"Look, Jungkook, we're so cute!" you said dragging him over to the little photo stall.

"Why did you have to do that.." he muttered referring to the photo.

"Just because," you retorted, "Can we get 2 of these?" you asked the girl at the stall, pointing at the screen to your picture.

"Collect them outside at the printer booth" she said after a few clicks in her computer and handing you a card with a number.

You left and collected the photos.

You ended up shivering when turning away to look at your photos in a different light.

Jungkook spotted straight away and shimmied off his jacket.

"Y/n" he said getting you to turn around.

"Mmm?" you hummed.

"Put this on." he said holding his jacket out to you.

"No, it's not cold." you lied, what idiot wears shorts at night... oh wait, you.

"Yes it is, I saw you shiver, and you're wet; you'll get a cold."

"But it will look stupid on me." you said, pouting.

"That doesn't matter, just put it on." he said giving it to you.

You passed him your Simba and put it on.

It was atleast 3 sizes way too big and you felt stupid in it.

You blushed at the embarrassment you were feeling.

"You're too cute." he said admiring you while he held the plushie under his arm and your small bag in his hand.

"Aren't you cold?" you questioned.

"No, you protected me from the splashing water on the ride." he said giving you back the plushie and slinging your bag over his shoulder.

"Ahh.." you said in understanding.

"We have a few minutes until the fireworks so why don't we go get some waffles or more ice cream?"

"They have waffles?" you said in a bit of shock.

"They are shaped like Mickey Mouse." he assured.

"Then yes, for sure." you said wrapping an arm around his waist as you walked.

He smiled at your closeness and happiness.

Jungkook ordered and the lady across from him handed him 2 waffles packaged like crepes so that you could eat them while walking.

He gave you yours as he took a bite out of his own.

A small crowd of park-goers was starting to form in front of the castle but Jungkook led you further back towards the World Bazaar exit and entrance to get a better and more private view.

You both finished your crepes before the first explosion was seen and heard.

You had watched the first one with a large smile, having stopped mid sentence about not needing his jacket anymore.

"Wah~~" you had said admiring the next few fireworks at his side.

"They're stunning, hmm?" he said actually referring to you without you knowing.

He watched them with you, hand hanging by yours. He grabbed it and you blinked innocently up at him, thinking he wanted your attention.

"You ok?" you asked, glancing at his lips.

"Yeah." he said looking at the fireworks.

"Jungkook" you said tugging his hand lightly to get him to look back down at you. He turned back at you with a blank face.

"Are you still cold?" he said letting go of your hands and rubbing his hands up and down your arms, concerned.

"No, well, besides my lips." you flirted.

"Your lips?" he said reaching his left hand up to cup your cheek and run his thumb over your lips.

"No, silly." you said pushing his hand away from your face before pecking his lips.

"How am I supposed to warm up your lips?" he asked you confused.

"Far out, Jungkook." you said reaching up on your tippy-toes to connect your lips with his.

You kissed him softly, hesitant almost.

It was the first time you felt worried about your actions being rejected, why? You had no clue.

He took a moment to melt into the kiss, both his hands going to cup your cheeks. You felt warm as he kissed you back. It wasn't your usual fiery, desperate, passionate kiss but instead a special, slow and loving kiss. Hell, it was amazing you loved the rare slow kisses you shared.

Such a perfect moment too with the fireworks and after such a great day.

It was like a dream or even a drama.

You pulled off of him when you felt the urge to yawn.

As soon as he saw you cover your mouth with your hands, still trapping the plushie in your arms, he produced a little bunny smile.

"Y/n... I," it was his turn to want to say the iconic 'I love you' but when you looked up at him all blushing from the kiss, under the changing colorful light of the fireworks, he panicked, "..I think you're really pretty...." he saved himself.

"You're so sweet." you said suddenly hugging him, burying your head in his shoulder.

He wrapped his arms around you in response to your warmth.

"We should get going." He said and you reached up to peck his cheek.

"Yeah, it's cold." You said half releasing him and keeping an arm around his waist.

He put his arm around your shoulders and you smiled as you began to walk back to the Resort just outside the gates of the park.

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