the one with the (ex)planation

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hihi, lil time skip this long chapter coz I wanna get on with the juicy stuff I have planned
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(Oh and be prepared for confused jk and kinda mad taehyung)


As the 2 of yours relationship progressed over the next month, you went on 2-3 dates a week. You did the cliche dates, however, nothing was boring. You did things like going to Lotte World, the movies, cafes, internet cafes, shopping and more. Just simple things.

You remember how during the movies, you would glance at him and catch him staring at you (this has happened to me before and it was the cutest thing a guy could do). And during some of the roller coaster rides you held hands because you were both a bit scared. At your most common date venue, internet cafes, you played overwatch and games alike for hours on end. 

Most of the time, when Jungkook wasn’t busy with working, he would tell the guys he was going to hang out with his 97’ line or school friends.

They believed him the first 5 or 6 times but when it got so frequent, they began to become suspicious of the boy who usually stayed in his room all day.

Some of the guys had come across your relationship by now, Yoongi and Hoseok knew, they had both caught you guys snuggled up cozily watching a movie on the couch in the 2nd lounge of their apartment. They gave you positive responses, Hoseok jumping on the both of you for an unintentionally suffocating hug. Yoongi just smirking, you guess he had figured it out already, and congratulating the 2 of you.

Taehyung also knew. You had to tell him when he started complaining about Jungkook always taking up your time. He gave you a mixed reaction until you promised to make it up with him, hang out more often and keep him constantly updated with your relationship.

One day when you went to hang out at the boys’ apartment, just to strictly chill and because you knew he was free.

The 2 of you just lounged around in the living room. Namjoon wasn’t home so you and Jungkook were being your usual comfortable selves.

“Why is your brother so protective?” Jungkook asked, looking down at your head resting on his lap. 

“You tell me?” you said, glancing from your phone in your hands above you, to the boys face which was also above you. 

“Well, I mean my brother is protective, I get like older siblings feel they have to protect the younger one, but he kept us from meeting for years.”

“Maybe because I'm a girl, or because he wasn't there to be my older brother when I was younger.” you said unsure whether this was a touchy subject for yourself or not.

“At least you have him, his friends and your beloved, handsome boyfriend now.” he offered you a cheesy grin.

Aish, my boyfriend is so full of himself” you said rolling your eyes and focusing back on your phone.

“Who's Jongin?” he blurted out catching your attention again.

“My first boyfriend… why?” 

“Should I know about him?” he questioned, noticing and noting the lack of the term ‘ex’.

“Umm… I don't know…do you want too?” you replied. 

“Well, do I need to confront him because of anything?” he asked, serious suddenly.

You sat up, your back to him as you ran your hand through your hair. 

“Namjoon already did that…” you trailed off.
“At that party?” he questioned further.

“Yeah, why do you want to know?” you said, getting slightly annoyed at the questioning.

“I'm just curious babe…Your brother seemed really annoyed when he talked about the 2 of you…I remember the day he came back to the dorms all muttering and clearly mad, he didn’t leave his room for days.” he trailed off.

“Do you just want me to give you an explanation of the full story?” you sighed out, whipping your head around then your body, you facing him, legs crossed on the couch.

“It would probably answer all my questions.” he suggested, basically saying a big fat yes.

“Well, when Namjoon left school, I couldn’t tag along with him and Yoongi and their friends anymore. So I found my own friends. I mingled with the popular crowd and went to all the cool parties, the ones that included college guys. I met Jongin at a party and we started dating. He was in his first year of college. 3 years older than me. We were really close. He asked me out. But when we decided to, yanno, take the next step, at a party, Namjoon appeared like, out of thin air.”

“So he caught you and this Jongin pants down? That made him over protective?” he asked.

“I guess… he just...ughhh!” you spat out.

“He what? I'm lost.” he said pouting.

“He ruined my first relationship. Just because ‘I had a few drinks!!’” you whined, the memories stinging your eyes.

“Hey, hey, it's okay. You have me now” he purred taking your hand in his.

“I know, but I'm still slightly mad at him.” you said.

“Well if you were my little sister and you were drunk, and some older guy was taking advantage of that, I would not be that happy either.”

“I agreed t-”

“You had alcohol in your system, that wasn't you agreeing to take it to the next step” he blurted out, “you were also how old? Underage?”

“That's besides the point...” 

“Y/n, your brother had a right to break it off for you.” 

“Ughhh… why do you make it sound like I'm the one who did something wrong…” you whined, leaning on his shoulder and letting out a loud huff.

“Its ok, you were just so young and innocent I bet.” he teased.

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