the one with the wrong line

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2 hours later you were waiting in his car outside the boys dorms. There was a small suitcase in the boot of his car that Jungkook had helped you to pack. Right now he was packing his own case.

When he had walked in he told the guys he was going away for a few days to Busan to see his family and friends.

He told them it was just a spontaneous trip to surprise them but really he was taking you to Disneyland in Tokyo, Japan.

After he had packed and said his goodbyes you drove to the airport.

While he had been in the dorms he had booked the next flight to Tokyo and booked tickets in both the Disneyland resort and park.

He managed to get you all the way to security check before you figured out where the two of you were going.

"Hong Kong?" You asked with a frown. You were getting frustrated with the shakes of his head that came after each of your guesses.


He nodded. Wait... he nodded? You were right!

You suddenly threw your arms around him in the middle of the airport. You hugged him and looked up at him happily.

Nobody had recognized either of you yet. He had a black bucket hat and matching mask on like many other guys his age. You had a baby pink cap and white mask on.

You weren't as famous as Jungkook but people did regularly recognize you as Namjoon's sister.

You were always happy to take photos with people so twitter loved you for that.

"You like Japan?" He asked.

"Yes!" You exclaimed hugging him tighter. People were staring at the 2 of you interact.

Your smiling face covered by the mask looking up at the man who was clearly your boyfriend.

"Do you like Disneyland?" He asked as business class was called.

He had got you all the way to the gate without you figuring out where you were going, now that's pretty successful.

"We're going to Disneyland?" You asked as he grabbed your hand and started moving to the business class line that was forming at the counter.

"Mhmm." He hummed looking straight forward at the line.

"We're in the wrong line, kook." You whispered tugging his hand to try to pull him out of the line.

"No we aren't." He said yanking you back into his side sharply.

"Why are we in business class?" You asked with a frown.

"One, it's a nice treat-" you cut him off after his first point.

"It's a like a 3 hour flight, max, you really didn't need-"

"Two, privacy reasons," he lowered his voice, "I'm famous in both countries and don't want to have cameras in my face starting a dating rumor."

You were silent at that point, having forgotten that travelling was dangerous for him. Being in a public place was dangerous enough yet alone the 13th and 5th busiest airports in the world.

"Three, safety. If I'm recognized by one person and they make a big deal about it then other people will notice and I don't want to be mobbed. I especially don't want you to be caught up in me being mobbed by fans."

"You really thought this through." You said as the line moved forward and you were now only the 3rd people in the line.

"Yeah, when we get to the counter, you go to the woman and I'll go to the man because she has a higher chance of knowing who I am, okay?"

"Ok." you said squeezing his hand. You thought about how Jungkook had only just come back from Japan just to go back to Japan.

You 2 got to the counter and soon passed by onto the plane.

"You really didn't have to do all this," you said as you followed him to your seats, "You only just got back from Japan, Jungkook."

"I know but I wanted to make you smile." he said as he stopped at your fancy seats that layed back into recliners and had their own selection of snacks.

Last night when he had been laying in bed with you he had thought about how much he wanted to do with you and be with you and make you smile and kiss you and hold you. It had made him go out on a limb and travel with you with hardly any planning.

"You could've just given me a hug to make me smile. We don't really have to go all the way to Disneyland."

"I know that you've always wanted to go, now which seat do you want?"

"Window!" you said rushing into the seat quickly. He smiled at your simple excitement.

After the safety briefing and checks, the plane began its taxi to the runway. Both of you had taken your masks off and you had also removed your hat. You grabbed Jungkook's hand when the plane stopped at the end of the runway ready to take off.

He looked over at you.

"You nervous?" he questioned and you nodded.

He smiled again at your cuteness.

"It's ok, don't be." he reassured. You nodded but continued to grip his hand as you looked out the window.

The plane started moving, picking up speed and rattling.

"Hey." he said and you looked at him.

He pecked your lips quickly and kept his face close to yours as the plane tilted upwards.

"You are so sneaky." you said as the plane suddenly lifted off and your nerves slowly settled.

"Sorry bout it." he said moving his head away to rest it back on the plush leather chair.

"Are you gonna make a GCF while we're away?" you asked after a few minutes of flying.

"Do you want me to?"

"No, I saw that you brought your camera and I was just thinking that instead of you making one like you did with Jimin when you went to Disneyland, I could take videos of you." you said blinking up at him.

"Do you like videography?" he asked.

"A bit, but I don't know how to edit videos. I could record and you could edit." you suggested.

"Yeah, that sounds cool." he said and you turned back to the window. He went back to his phone.

Throughout the flight the 2 of you chatted and he taught you how to use his camera.

When the decent started you held hands again, turbulence, take-offs and landings were your least favourite parts of flights.

You landed safely and soon enough were in the car headed to Tokyo Disneyland Resort.

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