the one with the dom

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“No, I can’t be. I’m the one…,” he shuffled closer to you, “with you…” 

“You are…” you said moving on top of him to straddle his waist.

He was clearly shocked by your coming on to him. He was flustered, not knowing what to do with his hands. You had to smirk at him. His shy side showing.

You leant your head down to kiss his neck, leaving hickeys along his jaw. His head leant back against the couch and he let you have control. Soon enough little grunts and moans escaped his lips. 

“Ah...shit-” he groaned.

“I know that must feel good and all but watch your language Kook.” Yoongi asserted from the doorway. With the hearing of his voice you had to blush and flinch, your eyes went straight down, accidentally staring at his crotch.

Jungkook turned his head and frowned at his hyung frantically. You held in a choking laugh. Yoongi noticed your holding.

“Sorry… please don’t tell Jin-hyung… could you close the door.” he asked, timid still.

“Nonono… it’s ok Yoonie, I should get going before my brother gets back. Sorry baby boy,” you teased Jungkook while starting to get off of his lap, “I know you and Jungkook junior will miss me.” you said smirking and glancing at his crotch again.

He had a boner.

“Ah Maknae, felt a bit too good hmm?” Yoongi barked a laugh.

“Atleast I can get it up Hyung.” Jungkook fired back, still looking uncomfortable.
“Aish, stop bullying him and go get yourself sorted.” you said to Jungkook. He stood up, leaving the room awkwardly and walking funny.

“You two really haven’t fucked huh? And you literally just told him to go jack-off to you while you are in the other room?”

“No… you know I’ve been saving myself for someone I love. And he probably isn’t jacking off to me.” 

“Y/n, first of all, you’re hot, we all know that. Second, he’s your boyfriend, so who else could there be. Third, you gave him a boner after being all dom on him, which he isn’t used to. And forth, he’s seen you naked. That gives him something to satisfy junior with.”

“Eww, when you put it like that.” you covered your ears as if someone was trying to spoil Avengers: Endgame for you, “Imma leave before I have to see him after all of what you just pointed out. And to clarify, he didn’t see me naked, I was only shirtless.”

“And he saw that how?”

“He walked in on me changing. It was literally the day I met him.”

“Ahhh. Well then he’s probably imagining you pinned against something, moaning his name.” he teased. 

“Yuck! Min Yoongi!” you snapped and pushed him in the chest before re-covering your ears.

“I’m just being honest with y- Oh, welcome back Jeon.” he said as the boy exited his room and walked down the hallway towards you both.

“Honest about what?” the boy asked, he was wearing a new set of clothes.

“How was your-”

“I’m going to go now… bye Jungkook.” you interrupted Yoongi and gave Jungkook a salute.

“Where is my goodbye kiss?” he questioned as you turned to leave.

“I don’t think you need anymore kisses…” you smirked to yourself, “just look at the state of your neck… babe.” 

He reached up to his own neck and winced, your love bites bruising over in shades of pink and purple like a little galaxy.

Yoongi cackled and patted Jungkook’s shoulder before following you. 

You made it to the door and Yoongi entered the room just as you went to open the door.
“Do you need a ride home? I’m going out anyway…” he asked.

“Sure, if it’s not a bother.” you agreed.

And you left together, him dropping you off at your apartment before he went to get a coffee and meal.

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