the one without the 'I love you'

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You were hanging off his arm, looking around in amazement.

Throughout the day you had been taking videos of Jungkook openly but he had also been taking photos and videos of you with and without you knowing.

"Are you tired?" he asked with a cute pout, blinking down at you.

"Yeah... can we have a break and get a snack and then go on some easy rides?" you asked having just spotted the ice cream corner paror by the world bazaar and tomorrowland.

On the way back to the ice cream parlor you stopped in one of the gift shops.

You ended up avoiding the iconic and stereotypical mickey and minnie headbands and you went for a tigger headband and and he went for a toy story alien headband.

After that purchase you got distracted by the large teddies.

There was a big Stitch, Simba the lion, Dumbo, Mickey and Pooh Bear.

You instantly went to pick up the Simba the lion one with the giddiest smile.

"Jungkook, look!" you said whipping around and shoving it into his face childishly.

"So cute" he said patting its head like a dog.

"I'm getting it to remember this trip with you." you said strutting towards the counter.

"No, I'll get it for you, give it here." he said quickly stepping in front of you, hand going to your elbow so you had to give in.

"Noooo. I'm getting it for myself."

"No, because I want you to be able to cuddle it when I'm overseas, so let me buy it for you." he said, more pleading then anything.

You could tell what he was implying: he didn't want you to be lonely when he was gone and hated the fact that even leaving you for a few days left you both depressed and needy.

"Jungkook." you had to whine, if you said no, it might make him sad but you couldn't just say yes because it was rude.

"Do you want it in a bag?" he asked managing to get Simba off of you and you followed him to the counter.


"One mint chocolate chip and one chocolate, both in cones, please!" You expressed to the lady over the counter.

Soon you sat inside the little ice cream parlor with your ice creams, devouring them happily.

"What's next?" He asked and you swallowed the gooey coldness on your tongue.

"The teacups? Then the flying dumbo one?" you asked in reply.

"Ok." He replied simply.

"Hurry upppp" you whined as he ate the cone of his ice cream. He cocked a brow at you as he stuffed the last bit of cone in his mouth.

"Why are you in a rush now?" He was confused yet again.

"It looks like it's going to rain and I don't want to go on dumbo in the rain." You said yanking him out of his seat and off to the teacups.

"Fine, if I'm spinning us then please don't throw up." He sighed out. You were too cute to say no to.

You sat in the teacup and he began to spin it faster than you expected him to. You ended up getting giddy and laughing the whole time, he joined seeing you so happy over the simple ride.

"Woah~" you said as you stood up and your balance was off. Jungkook wobbled a bit too as you exited through the little gate of the ride.

"You ok there?" You asked him and he nodded trying to focus his eyes in one place to restabilize himself.

"Then let's go to dumbo!" You said.

Once the ride started, you went as high as possible. You wanted the best views and Jungkook didn't really care. It was chilly now, the sun was setting and the view was beautiful. You snuggled into his side as the ride went around slowly.

"Thank you Jungkook, today has been really great." You said wrapping an arm around his torso. You would've said 'Jungkook, I love you' but it scared you too much at the moment. You couldn't admit to loving him without your brother knowing about the two of you, it would just end up in hurt and heartbreak.

"You're welcome y/n, you made it great." He mumbled quietly only to you.

The rest of the ride was enjoyed in silence, not an awkward silence but a peaceful, comfortable silence.

"Why don't we go have dinner now, then go on the best rides?"

"Which are the best rides?"

"The Splash Mountain and Space Mountain."

"Ok, let's have dinner at the Blue Bayou Restaurant, I've read the reviews and they say it's the best place in the park for dinner."

It was dark now and you knew the fireworks were on tonight because the announcements from the numerous speakers around the park.

You ate a stunning dinner and dessert and forced Jungkook to let you pay.

You had to snatch the bill holder out of his hand and put your card in it quickly before he could get it back.

"We should go to Space Mountain then Splash Mountain, because Splash Mountain is empty just before the fireworks." He said and you nodded.

You were soon getting on the Space Mountain ride and it was a lot more grown up compared to the other rides.

You sat in the seat with your Simba the Lion plushie gripped in your arms, you had been told to hold it tightly so it didn't fly off the ride.

"You'll enjoy this" Jungkook said as the ride suddenly started moving.

It went slowly up a little ramp and the setting reminded you of being in a futuristic spaceship just like it was supposed too.

The lights were sleek and pretty.

Soon the ride came to a short halt before barrelling down and around corners at fast speeds.

It took your breath away.

And 3 minutes later, it was over.

"That was definitely the best ride! Can we go again?!" You were looking like such a child as you stood there jumping lightly on your toes, almost vibrating while you hugged you large lion plushie to your chest.

Jungkook checked his Submariner Two-Tone Rolex and looked up at you with a pout.

"We don't have enough time, Splash Mountain closes in 10 minutes... sorry" he said and you nodded.

"It's ok, but we should get moving then."

"Yeah, we need to walk fast." he said speed walking in your direction.

"How about we race then?" you said shortly before running off with your teddy.

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