the one with the peking duck

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“I win!!” You cheered at him as you counted the scores on the scorecard, totalling them at the bottom.

“That's because I let you win.” He said rolling his eyes as you gave back your clubs and balls. He had let himself be distracted by your harmless flirting and flexing of your golf skills.

“Sure it is, goldennboy

Aish, you're mean”


“Yes, now let's go get lunch.”

“Fine.” you huffed. The idea of food made you give up on teasing him.

You walked side by side down the row of stores across the road from the indoor mini golf place.

“Do you want to have Chinese food?” He asked spotting a place up ahead along the street.

“Yeah!!” You cheered, grabbing his hand and launching yourself towards the restaurant. Dragging him with you.

Peking Duck!” You cheered looking in the window from the outside. You looked crazed to the 2 tables of people inside. You bounced on the balls of your feet. The poor boy behind you, your hand clutching his wrist, looked cheerful in the moment he watched you being over excited about the restaurant.

“Come on, Jungkook” you tethered him inside.

The grin you emitted when the waitress set your food down made Jungkook snicker lightly.

“Are you laughing at me? Yanno, you shouldn't ever laugh at your date, especially on a first date.” You stated while preparing yourself to eat, you straightened the napkin and your cutlery, then took a sip from the ice water in your glass.

“Oh, no, I was just, you just looked so cute” he mumbled and you smiled while tucking some of the duck pieces in your mouth.

He ate silently from then onwards, a slight pink hue to his cheeks and neck.

“Is my brother nice to you?” You asked after consuming a few tasty mouthfuls.

“Yeah, he's the reason I joined Bangtan. When I met him I was hardly a teenager but he was so cool from my perspective so I chose to work under Bighit, I didn't even think I would be selected for his boy group.”

“I was still in school when you joined. I remember Namjoon telling me about you when he would video call me.”

“He didn't shut up about you then, he still doesn't now.”

“What do you mean?”

“We will be out shopping and he will see something, like your favourite kitkat flavour and he will start talking about you then he gets kinda sad. Or if we go to a city to perform or on a TV show he'll be like ‘my sister loves this place’ or ‘my sis watches this show’.”

“Really?” You questioned eagerly yet with confusion.

“Yeah, but it starts Hobi off about his sister and then everyone starts taking about our families and they all become a mess.”

“You have a brother too, don't you?”


“Do you want to tell me anything about him?”

“He draws.” He said briefly.

“Is he cute? Does he have abs like you?” You whispered.

“Yeah, wait, yah! Don't ask those questions. You're dating me.” He whined.

“Sorry Jungkook, you're not asking me questions, so I don't know what to talk about…”

“Ah, we know lots about each other already…”

“How about we go do something fun? There's a noraebang next door.” you suggested, wanting some fun.

“You know I-”

“Nope. Stop, let's go, don't even try to say no.” you shot up out of your seat, scaring the boy a bit. You grabbed his forearm.

“Get up” you whined.

“Ok ok” he said standing and following your eager form, leaving money on the table to pay.

You dragged him into the store next door, it was instantly darker, colourful lights swirling and lighting up the entrance room.

“Can we have a booth for 2 please?” You asked the lady at the counter.

“Of course, follow me.” She said leading you both through another door.

Jungkook somehow managed to put up his hood without u noticing, and the other arm that your weren't clutching was sticking out of his black jeans front pocket.

You both entered the room and Jungkook sat down on the plush red sofa after thanking the lady.

She left and you stood with the remote in your hand, looking at the book of songs on the small table in front of the couch.

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