the one with the hoes mad

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happy Jin day my fellow jin cult members!! here's an early update

"Jungkook you little shit!" You yelled as you entered the dorms.

"How's your boss?" Jin said from the couch seeing a kinda angry you enter the huge apartment.

"Don't get me started on you." You growled and hoseok eyed you carefully.

"Hoes mad!" Taehyung yelled from the kitchen, laughing. It was a warning for all of them.

"Where is he?" You grumbled.

"Kitchen." Jin said pointing to the kitchen.

"Hyung!" Jungkook whined from the kitchen at his hyung ratting him out. You stormed in your heels on the hardwood floors to the kitchen.

"Jungkook, I wanted to earn the promotion and raise!" You whined when you saw him trying to hide in the pantry.

"I didn't have anything to do with that!" He defended.

"Really?" You didnt believe him.


"I didn't mention anything about a promotion. Jungkook didn't even tell me about a promotion." Jin said entering the kitchen, leaning on the door frame.

"You swear on Jungkook's life?" You asked Jin and he nodded, crossing his heart with his finger.

"So I earnt it fairly?" You asked, anger gone.

"Yeah. We just got rid of your boss." Jungkook said cockily.

You squealed and jumped into Jungkook.

You wrapped your arms around his neck to hold yourself up as you folded your legs up so that your high heels skimmed your ass.

Jin left the kitchen after Taehyung to give you and Jungkook some space.

"I'm so proud." Jungkook mumbled into your hair as he held you up with his arms around your torso tightly.

"Maybe I can get a fridge with an ice maker with my new raise." You said as he put you down.

As soon as he did you shot into his chest to squeeze him in a happy hug.

"Yeah." He patted your back letting you be proud of yourself.

"They even want me to personally help them on a big case!" You said smiling brightly into his chest.

"You're so cute." He said kissing your forehead.

"Thanks." you said reaching up a hand to boop his button nose.

He bunny smiled before trying to nip your finger with his teeth as you moved it infront of his face. When he couldn't get it with his mouth he moved his own hand to grab your hand in his.

He pulled your hand towards his mouth and kissed your fingers. You giggled stupidly as he continued to leave little kisses all over your hand.

"Stopppp" you whined as it got ticklish.

He didn't but when he got to your wrist he kissed it once and yanked you forward into him as you had been when you were hugging him.

"Let's go play some Overwatch." he said and kissed your forehead.

"I have to read up on my new case." you said in a pout.

"Aw, do you need me to drive you home?" he asked disappointed.

"If you let me borrow your laptop or tablet then I can just do it here. That way I can keep you company while you play."
Jungkook nodded profusely at your suggestion.

"Cool." you said smiling up at him lovingly. You were both entranced for a moment by the smiles you shared.

"We're wasting time." He said suddenly and walked off quickly.

You followed him out of the kitchen and into the living space where some of the guys were hanging around. Jin was teaching Jimin something on the guitar, Hoseok was scrolling through his phone and Namjoon sat with his laptop on his lap.

"Congrats on your promotion." Namjoon said without glancing up to see you trailing behind your taller boyfriend.

"You better not go have promotion sex, it's still light outside." Hoseok joked seeing the two of you heading to Jungkook bedroom after having heard you giggle in the kitchen moments earlier.

"Hobi-hyung! She's going to do her work while I play overwatch." Jungkook defended.

"Good." Namjoon said plainly.

"I have to read up on some case files but I want to keep him company." you said slapping your hands lightly on Jungkook's shoulders.

"Hmm. Ok." Hoseok said jokingly suspicious.

"C'mon" you said smiling at Hoseok and pushing Jungkook's back to make him walk.

"Here" he handed you his tablet as soon as you sat on his bed.

"Thanks." you thanked as he unlocked it.

You ended up being snuggled between his legs reading on his tablet as he wasted people at overwatch with his hands infront of you, resting on your stomach.

Whenever he was waiting for the game he would plant his chin on one of your shoulders and look at what you were reading on the screen between your hands.

Whenever he won he would plant a kiss on your shoulder, neck or behind one of your ears. You would unconsciously smile at his little actions while you read over the files sitting in your emails inbox.

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