the one with the smash

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You got into your car and waited for Jungkook to get in after he put his shirt on.

He huffed as he sat in the seat and slammed the car door closed a bit too hard.

You drove all the way to your apartment in silence beside the radio playing lightly, he was on his phone apparently texting the 97’ line group chat about their dinner tonight.

You parked the car outside of your apartment building in your spot and turned off the engine.

“What’s wrong? If it was because I didn’t watch you the whole time i’m sorry but I don’t really enjoy watchi-” you asked.

“No, it’s not that, I know seeing your boyfriend basically fight someone isn’t anyone’s favourite thing, it’s just you always seem to be flirty with other guys and I-” 

You leant over the centre console and kissed him passionately.

He reacted slow, like he had been frozen in ice and someone was melting him with a hairdryer. It gave you time to think of your next move.

Your hand slid under his shirt and rested on his abs, supporting yourself a bit in the weird position over the console and gear stick. You pulled your head away, hovering your head in front of his.

“Why are you so hot?” you complained, staring at his lips.

“What’s gotten into you?” he asked, his eyes flicking from each of your eyes, back and forward, left and right.

“I feel bad that you think I was flirting with your trainer, I was only like that because you weren’t focusing, we were both just giving you a reason to focus, I didn’t mean for it to seem like that”

“Ah~ I didn’t realise. Well, it worked.”


“No no no it was worth it.” 

“Then how about we go inside so you can take a shower, you’re starting to smell.” you hopped out of the car and closed your door before he could answer.

“How do you turn this thing on?” he yelled from your bathroom, clearly confused.

“I told you already, ughhh, men.”

“I got distracted when you were talking.” he confessed.

“Ahhh the hot ones are the bad listeners, I forgot.” 

You turned the shower on for him and grabbed a towel and put it on the rack for him to use. Steam begun to fill the room. 

“Thanks babe…” he purred moving past you to the shower. It was a modern walk in shower, so you weren’t going to be a perv and stay in the bathroom. 

Ah-ah-ah” you said stepping into his way and taping your cheek expectantly. 

He went for the cheek kiss but moved swiftly to kiss your lips desperately. It caught you off guard for sure.

Jesus was he being desperate, grabbing your ass with one hand, cupping your face with the other.

You had to slow his pace down, managing to finally separate his lips from yours after a few moments.

Your face lingered close to his, lips trembling from the sudden lack of touch.

“Too hasty… you stink” 


“Shower. Now.” you said shifting from in between his body and the sink he somehow had you pinned against. You left through the door and closed it behind you. You didn’t know but he watched you leave with a tight pout.

“How are you still a virgin with me around? Huh?” he entered your bedroom with only a towel covering his waist and down, he was holding a hair towel around his neck, “Like we are both hot as hell, we gotta smash.” 

“Jungkook, I’m trying to focus.” You sat on your bed, typing on your laptop.

“Why don’t we make pretty babies together?” he purred crawling onto your bed. 

You put your hand over his face and shoved it away roughly without even looking up. 

“Stop it, I need to write this, I ain’t making babies with anyone until I have a stable income or become rich like you. If you are hungry, I made food in the kitchen.”

“You really just going to ignore my beautiful specimen of a body? I’m here for the taking, babygirl.”

“Do you have a daddy-babygirl kink?” you snapped your head in his direction.


“You do!” you had to laugh. “If I call you daddy~ do you get turned on?”

“Do you really have to make fun of my kinks like this?” he whined, getting off your bed and disappearing back into the bathroom.

“Yes.” you called out, stifling your laugh.

“Well, what are your kinks then?” He entered your room again, only with his pants on now.

“I don’t have any…” you said quietly.

“Well, I think we can find that out…” He sat behind you, chin on your shoulder, arms around your stomach.

“Nope, coz then you’ll just want me to call you daddy~” you teased, kissing his cheek beside your face.

“Well you’ve already called me it twice in 3 minutes, so this is going pretty well already,” he said, his hand playing with the button at the front of your jeans.

You slapped his hand lightly, “Stop trying to distract me, why don’t you go play some games on my xbox. Just give me 30 minutes and then I’m all yours, how does that sound?”

“Sounds good to me.” he smiled cutely and got up, kissing your cheek as he did. He departed your room and left you to it.

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