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LUST by Inspireskook
LUSTby kookielover❤️
when she come face to face with her destroyer and agreed to his proposal.... she needed money.... and he needed her body... what happens when his ice cold heart melts f...
Psychotic Love: Faded || JJK by a_blossoming_flower
Psychotic Love: Faded || JJKby ᎬᎡᏆᏟᎪ
What happens when you wake up in a room all alone... without any memory of your own existence? What happens when you're told a story about yourself? Can you bring your...
Let Me Be Your Man | LisKook by leehan_xx
Let Me Be Your Man | LisKookby YUEN
Lalisa Manoban, a not-so-wealthy daughter of a business magnate, was forced to marry the brute business genius, Jeon Jungkook. This is, however, not just because of fami...
Room 106 || J.J.K FF (Slow Updates)  by MochimB
Room 106 || J.J.K FF (Slow MochimB
《Highest rank: #2 in Jeon》 《Highest rank: #1 in asylum》 《Highest rank: #6 in sonyeondan》 《Highest rank: #16 in army》 《Highest rank: #1 in bts》 《Highest rank: #1 psycho》 ...
Scars between us✔️(JJK•FF) by smak_OO4
Scars between us✔️(JJK•FF)by park-jim-in😏
In a story where Jungkook misunderstands Y/N for cheating on him and terribly tortures her for years. But what will he do when he gets to know that it was all misunderst...
Strip search || Jungkook 18+ by lucyyjonesxx
Strip search || Jungkook 18+by Smol_lulu
"No one else can search you, but me"
V for Villain.  by jahan111
V for Villain. by jahan111
Angst. Smut. 21+. Taehyung/ Jungkook FF.
Discord ✔ by magickshoppe
Discord ✔by Closed
"You win I'll get you in to meet Bangtan. I win you go on at least three dates with me." "What makes you think I'll want more than that?" "I alr...
SEX ED (jikook) by Izzy_Stevens01
Jungkook is a high school teacher.. thing is he isn't a normal teacher he specialises in a certain subject that being... ed Little does he know a certain student...
I'm Addicted to You.  by jahan111
I'm Addicted to You. by jahan111
Explicit Content. Vulgar Language. Angst. Slight Smut. Fluff. 21+. Jungkook FF. My imagination, the characters are created in my head. They have nothing to do with BTS...
His Hostage || jjk X reader [Editing] by chocgguk
His Hostage || jjk X reader [ anna
"fuck yourself....and let me watch" • ------ "Lock her up in the torture chamber but do not lay a finger on her, she is my hostage and mine only" ju...
Tutor | Jungkook ✔ by Jia7Rai
Tutor | Jungkook ✔by Taerugs ♡
"Hi Babe! I am your new Tutor" •°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°• Jeon Jungkook, the new Tutor that your Mom has appointed for you after you moved to a new city. Jungkook, w...
Y/n's Brother | suga fanfic by BtsJamz07
Y/n's Brother | suga fanficby Yep
Contains smut and adult themes. Not all of it however but the parts that are will have (***) on it. Enjoy and vote❤️✨🔞 means most likely get prepaired. You started to...
An Unexpected Clandestine by litaeture
An Unexpected Clandestineby ^
Being a teenager is already chaotic enough but what happens when you're forced to go to school, deal with an overprotective brother, and punch a stranger in the nose, al...
The Bet || JJK✔️ by armymindsets7
The Bet || JJK✔️by armymindsets⁷
*Smut Warning* Jungkook: I bet I will lose my virginity before you Y/n: is that a bet you really want to make Jungkook: I do. If I win I get to take yours New Story: &qu...
COUNTDOWN. ━ TAEKOOK ✓ by kimnamsoon
[ completed ] -- ❝ seeing your happiness is what makes me glad. ❞ - Jeon Jungkook is a special boy. If he focuses, he has the ability to see a person's remai...
Hello Mr. Psycho || JJK || 'Psychopath au'||✔ by HimeshidouMai
Hello Mr. Psycho || JJK || ' Himeshidou Mai
A simple an easy to follow guide to deal with your psychopath yandere stalker. How? Coz Only a psychopath can deal with another psychopath. *~*~*~* "You are mine...
She is hard to get [JJK FF] by jungkookiebunnysugar
She is hard to get [JJK FF]by
Jungkook never love his girlfriends and just play with their heart. Some of them just want his money. But he had fall in love with his new classmate. "I love u"...
THIRSTY | J.Jk × Reader ✔ by jikookie17
THIRSTY | J.Jk × Reader ✔by 𖥸
❝ Make me feel like I am a river and that you've been thirsty your entire life ❞ ©𝐉𝐈𝐊𝐎𝐎𝐊𝐈𝐄𝟏𝟕 ⚠️NOTE : THIS IS NOT A VAMPIRE STORY OR ANY KIND OF THING SIMILAR...
"I saved her"  jungkook x reader by theresa_play
"I saved her" jungkook x readerby theresa
"she was abused by the people she was supposed to look up to. they cut her, smacked her, beat her, raped her,...and I...i stopped that" jungkook went to a sch...