the one with the departments

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ー pg13 chapter warning ー

“You either don’t believe me or aren’t listening. Kook, which one is it?”

“Tell me what intimate things you know about or have done.” he finally remembered the conversation topic.

“Ummm, oral and digital things, is that enough information for you?”

You naughty naughty girl.” he teased in a stupid voice, trying to be funny.

“Hey, I know you have experience in both of those departments.” you said rolling your eyes.


“Your reaction to me saying that was too relaxed, as if this was a normal conversation topic.” 

“So, do you have experience in mentioned areas?” he was straight forward.

“Mhmm. Jongin and I did a few things-”

“No talking about your ex and your antics with him, just tell me what you’re comfortable with doing.”

“Uhh… anything, really…”

“Oh, really?” he smirked, a mischievous hint in his eyes.

“Don’t get any ideas.” you said glancing at your phone to check the time.

“Fineee” he whined childishly.

For the next hour you talked openly and honestly with each other.

After a while you got hungry. You asked if he was staying for dinner and he had looked at you hoping you would say he could. You couldn't say no to him and you ended up ordering fried chicken.

The two of you ate at the breakfast bar in your fancy new kitchen. Soon enough you were back on the couch talking again. It was dark and getting towards 10:30pm.

“Get up.” you commanded abruptly during the conversation and he watched you stand yourself before standing up himself. You grabbed his hand and led him from the lounge to the kitchen.

“Let’s bake cookies!” you exclaimed placing him beside the oven. You instantly started grabbing out the ingredients and equipment as he watched you.

“You never have a moment where you aren’t hungry, do you?” 

“Shut up and help me or you can’t have any.”

“Ok” he replied and reached into one of the lower cupboards before pulling out some cooking trays.

You pulled out the ingredients and reached for the flour on the top shelf of one of the overhead cabinets.

He watched you struggle before mumbling to yourself and sighing, you twirled around and he was right infront of you. Your breath hitched and he smirked down at you.

'What is up with this boy today?' You thought to yourself.

“You need some help?” he purred down at you.

You knew what he was doing, he was trying to create sexual tension between the two of you so that you would want him. You weren’t an idiot, but being this close was making you a bit light headed.

“Can you get the flour for me? It’s that one” you said whipping around and pointing to the large bag.

He pressed himself against your back, pressing his crotch right against your ass and his chest against you back. 'This boy.' you expressed in your head.

He reached above the both of you and grabbed it with ease before leaning down and kissing your neck once. You gasped lightly and turned around quickly.

You had to smack him in the chest lightly because of the smirk plastered on his mouth. Stupid beautiful mouth. Stupid beautiful boy.

“Can you not rub your crotch right against my ass?”

“I don’t know what you mean.” he said moving away to place the flour with the other ingredients.

“If you keep trying to put it in me, I will cut it off” you said picking up some scissors from the counter and moving towards him. He genuinely looked scared, putting his hands up defensively within your second step towards him with the sharp utensil.

“Ok, ok, put the scissors down.” 

You smirked and let them hang loose on one of your fingers before chucking them back in a drawer.

“Now, let’s get back to business” you said starting to mix the ingredients in the large bowl.

“What should I do, head chef?” he said.

“You beat the eggs and add 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract to them” you said smiling at him sweetly.

He did as you asked and soon enough you were putting 2 trays of cookies into the oven.

When you stood back up and closed the oven he smiled down at you.

“Can I kiss you?” he asked suddenly and you rolled your eyes moving between him and the counter to put the bowls and utensils into the sink.

“Are you just horny or something?”

Yah~ I'm not horny, I just… miss you.”

“How can you miss me? I’m right here.” 

He placed his hands on either side of you on the counter. He sighed on the back of your neck unintentionally. 

“I just want to admire you and maybe, occasionally, kiss you.” 

“Then kiss me.” you stated daringly as you stacked everything neatly. You weren't even facing him and you knew that was probably annoying him a bit.

He took a moment to think before leaning down and kissing your neck, right under your ear, your dangly earring colliding with his nose.

Instantly, you developed goosebumps all over.

He kissed down your neck as he gripped the counter lightly, keeping you trapped between him and the marble tops.

You couldnt help but drop your head back onto his shoulder, giving into him.

He tilted his head down in front of your collarbone and sucked a mark as his arms encircled around your stomach.

He nipped the red patch of your skin lightly as he finished it. He was claiming you for the first time, all other times you had stopped him, scared for the both of your sakes.

You squeaked lightly and he snickered in response before turning your around in his arms.

Without you even comprehending it, he grabbed the back of your thighs and picked you up, placing you on the counter. You gasped lightly and looked at him shocked.

He stuck his lips to yours and shoved his tongue into your mouth. You had seen this happen in movies and dramas but didn’t think it was something that couples actually did.

You wrapped your legs around his hips and your arms around his neck lazily. You gave into him as he gripped the top of your thighs now.

One of your hands went to the back of his neck, trying to force the kiss deeper before running down his jawline, ending at his chin.

After a good few minutes he pulled from your lips to suck on the sensitive skin at the trunk of your neck, above the previous hickey he had made a few centimeters below.

You whimpered as it begun to bruise from his harsh treatment...

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