the one with the tramp

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"Happy Birthday hyung!" Jungkook cheered as his brother opened the front door of their parents home.

Jungkook threw himself at his brother excitedly, you could tell he hadn't seen him in a while.

"Why are you so big?" His brother asked as Jungkook hugged him tightly.

"It's been a year, hyung. I grew."

"So did your muscles." His brother wheezed out at the too tight hug.

"Sorry, hyung" jungkook said releasing him.

"Its ok. Who's this?" He said looking over at you with a bunny smile.

Jungkook turned to you with the same smile and it kind of scared you how similar the smiles were.

His brother had a curious, happy, welcoming expression with his smile yet Jungkook held a proud one with his.

"This is Kim y/n, my girlfriend." Jungkook introduced you.

"I'm Junghyun, nice to meet you y/n." He said offering his hand out for you to shake.

You took it and shook(y) it strongly.

"Happy Birthday." You said smiling at the older Jeon brother.

"Ahh thank you, come inside." He said holding the door for the both of you.

"Eomma, Appa! They're here." Junghyun called out.

"Where's my little boy?" You heard his mother call out as she walked quickly towards the lounge of the house where Jungkook and guided you to.

"Here Eomma!" He said seeing her shoot into the lounge to squeeze the life out of him too.

She completed discarded anyone else for a moment while she kissed her youngest son's cheek and welcomed him home.

His father entered the lounge too, actually taking notice of you with a welcoming smile before approaching Jungkook.

Junghyun stood beside you as Jungkook and his parents interacted for a minute.

"Eomma, Appa, this is my girlfriend, y/n." He said gesturing to you with his sickly sweet smile.

"It's so nice to finally meet you Mrs and Mr Jeon." You said bowing.

"You too." Mr Jeon said.

"Ah! Jungkookie help me get the table ready." Mrs Jeon said stealing her son away quickly.

"Eomma, why don't you talk with y/n-" he said as he was dragged away without anyway but words to protest.

"Sit, please." Jungkook's father said, gesturing to the couch.

"Ah, yes." You said taking a seat on the couch across from the one his father sat on.

"What do you do?" He asked as you settled on the couch. Junghyun settled on the one with his father.

"I'm a lawyer." You said quickly, not wanting to be distracted by your flashback of the day before, again

"How did you guys meet?" Junghyun asked.

"Through my older brother, Namjoon." You said.

"Wow, so you're Jungkooks friends sister?" His father said.

"Yes." You said nodding.

They continued to ask you questions, not in a rude or interrogating way but a genuinely curious way.

"She looks like a prostitute, a tramp." Jungkook's mother scolded him as he grabbed chopsticks for everyone.

"Eomma, she isn't."

"You always bring home the wrong types of girls, be more like your brother and find a nice, covered girl." she was referring to the denim skirt you were wearing with an off-the-shoulder top.

You didn't know that his mother was a very traditional type who thought that no more skin than the hands, neck and face should be uncovered.

"Eomma, she dressed up just to meet you."

"Next girl you bring home needs to wear real clothes, not short skirts." She snapped, placing dishes on kitchen counter ready to be put on the table.

"How was the tour, and Japan?" Junghyun asked his younger brother across the dining table.

"It was really fun, we sold out most venues."

"You are so successful." Jungkook's Mom said, eyeing you.

You didnt notice as you ate her cooking quietly, looking between Jungkook and his brother, taking in their interaction.

"What do you do, y/n? Cleaning? Waitressing?" His mother suddenly rudely asked, assuming you were on minimum wage, gold digging to get her Idols son's money.

"No, i-" you were polite with your responses.

"Jungkook is my son, he's my little boy. He doesn't need a gold digger like you using him for his money-" his mother interrupted you suddenly.


Jungkook's father and brother stayed silent.

You just smiled sweetly at her, keeping your calm as if you were in court.

"Mrs. Jeon, to be frank, I don't need his money," you put your hand over Jungkook's that was bawled into a fist on the table to keep him calm, "I'm the youngest lawyer at the best firm in Seoul."

"You can't talk to her like that, Eomma." Jungkook said firmly.

"Don't you talk back to your Eomma like that-" Mrs Jeon snapped across the table at her son but was interrupted by her husband.

"Honey, that's enough, if Jungkook likes her, then we have to accept that, and anyway, she is nice and successful, i'm sure she can support herself."

"Eomma, she isn't Leiko." The older brother said.

"We're going to bed, goodnight." Jungkook said standing up, tugging you with him by the wrist.

"Happy Birthday." you said genuinely as you were dragged past Jungkook's older brother.

"I'm so sorry about her." Jungkook said as he embraced you as soon as you entered his childhood bedroom now turned into a guest room. He needed more comfort than you did but he didn't know that.

"It's ok, I'm not surprised considering the last girl you bought home was Leiko." you said smiling into his shoulder.

"Yeah..." he said before kissing your temple lightly. He was distraught and upset but you were back to thinking of what your boss had said. Having said that you were the youngest lawyer in the firm out loud to someone else made you realise that of course your boss would want to take advantage of you.

"Let's just get some sleep." you said breaking out of his arms to go to your little bag to get your pajamas. He watched you before going into one of the drawers and finding some pajamas of his own.

"I'm sorry." He mumbled as you moved past him to use the bathroom.

You didn't reply and he felt as though you hated him for his mothers attack on you.

When you came back out he wasn't in the room. You didn't mind, so you just crawled into bed.

He came in a few minutes later with a heavy sigh.

He climbed into bed and spooned you, hand resting over your side on your stomach.

You pushed his arm off of you, it was cold and you didn't want him tracing patterns on your stomach while you tried to sleep with your mind busy.

You didn't think your small action might upset him as he fell asleep too.

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