the one with the suckers

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"Hi kook" you said into the phone, laying on your bed with it pressed against your ear.

"The bus takes so long, next time I'll drive you."

"Wow thanks for the greeting." You rolled your eyes.

"Sorry…" you could really hear his face drop at your masked sarcasm.

"Do you want to video call instead?"

"Yeah just let me change, keep talking" he said, he must be back at the dorms now, you thought.

"Well how was practice?"

"Good" his voice was muffled.

"How was work?" He said clicking the video button, you joined instantly and smiled at his tired form.

"Alright, I overheard my boss talking about who would become an associate."

"Did he mention you? You definitely deserve it, you work so much" he gave you his doe eyes, unintentionally you realised, he was being genuine.

You smiled at his cuteness, staring at the screen with him on it.

"I only heard 2 names but there are going to be 3 new associates, so I've got my fingers crossed" you showed him your crossed fingers and a big smile.

He chuckled softly. 

"I'll keep mine crossed for you too" he showed both his hands to you, fingers crossed on both.

"Thanks babe. Hey, so for the run tomorrow, we can just run my short route. It's only 4km. Is that ok with you?" 

"Why not the long one?” he tilted his head to blink at your image.

“You want to run 8km?” you replied with a question.

“Well yeah, do you know how much I work out?” he was smirking now.

“Besides the fact you do gym workouts everyday, i didn’t think you ran too…”

“Yeah, I had to even run track for ISAC when we did it. I carried all of bangtan. Well I also started boxing this week, my trainer is really cool, yoongi-hyung does judo with him so we can apparently do joint sessions.”

“That’s really good. I hope you enjoy it.”

Soon enough your conversations drifted through different topics, ranging from their upcoming music to your work colleagues. 

“We should go back to the internet cafe” he suggested.

“Sure, as long as we play a different game, I don’t like Halo.”

“You just suck at it.”


“Yeah, child.”

“Shut up, loser.” things started to heat up between the 2 of you. You hadn’t been like this before. You hadn’t even had an argument yet.

“Come say that to my face, ya Real Virgin Mary™ ass.” you raised your brow at that comment, gritting your teeth subtly.

“Oh yeah? Lil baby ass muscle pig bunny-lookin kook.” you spat back. 

He barked a laugh and you cracked a small laugh too. 

A few seconds later he collected himself. 

“Ok Ok, you win, noobmaster69” he said bowing with his hands and head slightly as if you were the queen.

“Did you just go there?” you teased, smiling widely.

“Maybe…?” he said cocking his brows.

You smiled even more admiringly. 

“You’re so cute when you smile.” he said, you knew it was hard for him to get the courage to say that to you and you blushed, the white light of the screen making your pink cheeks stand out against the blackness behind you.

It was 9:15pm now. Both of you were in your beds, no lights on. You layed on your side and he layed on his stomach. You did make a cute couple, and you were having a cute moment. 

“Why do you have to make me blush, aish...And you’re not so bad yourself… I really admire you Jungkook.”

“Aww y/n, you’re an inspiration to me, you work so hard an-”

“Nono, you work harder, look at you being this- all famous and everything. Aish y-you’re known for being all perfect… you are triple threat-t… stop smiling at me, I keep messing up my sentences because of that smile.”

“Good, you’re even cuter when flustered.” his confidence was a bit higher now.

After talking sweetly to each other for a bit longer you checked the time.


You really needed to sleep if you were going to go for a run in the upcoming early morning.

“I’m such a sucker for you, oh lord.” you muttered. 

“I think I’m a bigger sucker for you, to be honest”

“Stop trying to start an argument babe” you whined.

“Fine” he huffed.

“Kook, I really don’t want to go, but I need a good night’s sleep…”

“Awww noooo”

“Don’t stay up playing games, okay? And don’t be late tomorrow.” you said smirking softly at him.

“Ok… goodnight y/n” he sighed sadly.

“Night, babe, see you tomorrow morning” you said and smiled before ending the call.

“Ahh~ so perfect” he said smiling as he rolled onto his side and put his phone on his nightstand. You, however, didn’t hear this.

He was talking about you and smiled himself to sleep.

You fell asleep too.

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