the one with the Kim & Chang

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"Don't worry about your boss, just keep your head down and do your work." Jungkook mumbled sleepily from your bed.

You were stood at your vanity, fixing your hair before you left.

"If he tries to touch me, i'll bite his hand off." you said walking over to your bed and leaning down to kiss him goodbye.

"That's my girl." he said and and leant up to meet your lips.

You smiled as you leant away.

He grumbled and grabbed your empty pillow to hold against his chest as a replacement for you.

"Don't forget to lock my door when you leave for practice." You said grabbing your bag and heading from the bedroom to the front door.

"Byeeee." you yelled before closing the front door with a light slam.

Jungkook shot out of bed, shooting to the bathroom before rushing to get dressed.

He had a plan to put into action.

"Jungkook, what are you doing here? What's all this?" You said as you turned around in your swivel chair to be met with the man before you holding a bunch of ruby red roses and your favourite starbucks or gong cha drink.

You noted he had 2 bodyguards with him, one was Manager Sejin who looked like a bodyguard but the other actually was a bodyguard.

Everyone around you in the room of cubicles aka The Bullpen, was looking over at the boy with a hat and mask, 2 bulky guys beside him and romantic gifts.

It was clear he was famous as well as dating you from this apperance

You stood up and you could see his face lift with a smile under the mask.

"Just stopped by to give you some things." he said as he gave you the flowers and put the drink on your desk.

"You shouldn't have." you said smelling the roses before putting them on your desk too.

"That's not all." he said smiling before pulling his mask down to give you a short kiss.

"Don't tell me you have a ring?" you joked but also internally panicked.

"No- Uh-" he got scared too.

"I'm kidding." you said laying a hand on his arm lightly.

"I meant that." he said pointing over his thumb over his shoulder to your boss being escorted from his office by a security guard while carrying a box of his belongings.

"What did you do? What's happening?" you said as your boss glanced over at you and you suddenly hid behind Jungkook's form.

Everyone in the room of cubicles was looking at the man being escorted from the building.

"Jin-hyung is old friends with one of the named partners and he told him that your boss was being inappropriate to his firms youngest lawyer."


"No, y/n, everything is perfectly fine. He doesn't work here anymore."

"Thank you." you breathed through a sigh.

"I did it for you. And I think the named partners also want to see you." he said rubbing at your arms.

"Why would they want to see me?" you asked suddenly freaking out, you hadn't even met them.

"I don't know." He said shrugging before smiling stupidly.

"Jungkook." you whisper whined.

"It wasn't me." he said as he put his mask on.

"Everything is you." you said.

"Go. You have a meeting in the conference room." he ushered.

"Will you be here when I'm finished?"

"Nope but you can thank me later." he said pushing you towards the conference room.


"Kim y/n?" A tall handsome man in the suit said holding the door open to the conference room.

"Uh, yes?"

"We have a meeting." He said with a charming yet polite smile.

"Good luck." Jungkook said before walking off.

"Oh, yes." you said bowing before walking through the door he held open for you.

He closed it and invited you to sit across from him and another equally well dressed man.

"So, Miss Kim." one said looking at a file.

"Do you know who we are?" the other asked.

"Mr Kim and Mr Chang?" You asked.

"Very good." the one reading said.

"I'm Kim."

"And I'm Mr Chang." the one reading finally said glancing up at you. The one who had been reading the file of some nature. You could tell he was the more serious, factual one.

"You're wondering what my colleague here is reading." Mr Kim spoke up.

"Is it my file?" you questioned respectfully.

"Very, very good." Chang said.

"We are here to question whether you are going to file a harassment report or lawsuit against Mr Shin." Kim added.

"I- uh- no. I wasn't planning on doing either."

"Why not?"

"Because it looks bad on not only my record but the firms." You said matter-of-fact.

"See?" Kim said to his partner.

"Miss y/n. We would like to present you with a promotion and a raise."

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