the one with the doorway

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Yah! Taehyung!” He scowled and pushed Tae back onto the couch.

“Oooo! Someone's showing off.” Jimin teased. Tae cackled at that.

“You guys are so mean to him.” You said defending Jungkook.

“See, y/n is nicer than all of you.” Jungkook said smiling at you.

You blushed slightly, everyone looked between you and Jungkook after he smiled at you.

“Hey, eyes off my sister Kook.” Namjoon snapped at Jungkook surprisingly chiller than you thought.

“So people aren’t even allowed to look at my ugly face now?” You scolded Namjoon.

“Yeah.” He simply replied, starting to move towards the dining room and kitchen. Jin had already disappeared back to the dining and kitchen.

“Yanno, you’re supposed to say things like “you aren’t ugly” to your little sister, not agree” you scowled and crossed your arms over your chest.

“Whatever.” He said to annoy you as he disappeared through a doorway. Jin followed suit behind the tallest.

You sat yourself back on the couch with a soft thud. Yoongi’s resting frown deepened at your new demeanor, he had known you long enough to tell when what Namjoon said, either as a joke or not, effected you.

“Ignore him, he’s salty-” he was cut off by Tae mumbling “Like Jin’s cooking.” which earned a laugh from the 5 boys and a smile from you.

“And you’re really pretty.” Hoseok said with a bright smile.

“Yeah.” Yoongi and Jimin agreed in sync.

You blushed a bit at that. Some of the hottest guys you knew were calling you pretty? It couldn't get better then that.

“Thanks you guys, I’m definitely the good-looking one in our family, aren’t I?”

They nodded, you didn’t know if they did really agree or were too scared to defy their leaders sister.

“BOYS! AND GIRL! DINNER!” was yelled by chef Seokjin and it suddenly seemed like a race to the kitchen. Even the infamously lazy Yoongi was off in a sprint towards food.

You just walked.

You caught up to 4 of them as soon as all of them besides Jungkook, who was unsurprisingly ahead of the rest of them, tried to all squeeze through a doorway.

You sighed loudly behind them and pushed Tae through the doorway first. They were such a mess and it made you feel like a sister to all of them instantly.

“No rUnNiNG iN My KitCHeN!” Jin scowled as they boosted through the kitchen and into the conjoing dining room.

They all sat at the large table as Jin put the last steaming plate of meat down on the flat wooden surface.

Jin and Namjoon sat at either end on the table, as the heads of the table. Then on one side was Jungkook, Hoseok and Jimin. You smiled thinking that the danceline was all sitting next to each other. With the exception of Taehyung.

That left Yoongi, an empty chair and then Taehyung on the other side. You took the empty seat between them and looked across the table to Hoseok. They were all scanning the table of food with their eyes and waited for Jin to tell them to eat.

“Dig in, already.” Jin said starting to dish up food for himself.

You were timid to get in the way so stayed still as they stood up and reached over each other for food.

Hoseok noticed you sitting still and glared at Yoongi. Yoongi made eye contact with the other half of ‘Sope’ and glanced at you.

Yah~ Y/n. Get some food before this lot eat it all.” Yoongi said looking back at the food.

You looked at them all. Hoseok was giving you a serious expression and Yoongi clicking his chopsticks together like a crabs claw.

“Ok, ok.” You said and starting to dish yourself up some food. Steam rose as everyone's plates started to fill.

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