the one with the practice dummy

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As Jungkook got back to the apartment, the guys were all eating breakfast. He walked in and Jin spotted him slink through the lounge.

"Maknae! Come eat!" He yelled and Jungkook sighed before walking to the kitchen and dining area. 

"Where were you so early in the morning?" Jimin questioned Jungkook as he sat down at the table with the rest of them. Jin dished Jungkook some food and set the plate infront of him.

"I was seeing someone." Jungkook said stuffing his face with hot food.

"Your girlfriend?" Namjoon teased and Jungkook’s jaw clenched as he nodded.

"Goodbye hickeys hmm?" Yoongi said nodding to the boys jaw without looking.

"Yah~ you need to cover that up before we get to the airport." Jin said in a scowl.

They knew that turning up to the airport with hickeys was a bad idea, it caused chaos on the internet.

"Is this the same girl from last week?" Hobi asked.

Jungkook nodded sheepishly and Namjoon patted his back, "I guess we will have to meet her soon then hmm?" He added.

"Maybe after we come back." Jungkook spoke up. 

"Can't wait." Taehyung said.

The flashes of cameras struck the boys blindingly as they walked on display through the airport. Jungkook had covered his hickey in fear of gossip. Soon enough the guys were on their private jet. They were paired up in their seats. Jin and Taehyung, Hobi and Jimin, Jungkook and Yoongi, Namjoon with Bang PD.

Half way through the 2 hour flight, Yoongi woke up from his nap. He glanced at his seat mate who was playing games on his phone.

"How is y/n?" He asked the youngest.

"Good, she was sad I was leaving her for 4 days." He replied. Namjoon was at the front of the plane with headphones on whereas they were at the back so they could talk normally.

"I see she has improved." Yoongi said, glancing at his phone notifications.

"At what?" Jungkook asked, looking at his hyung.

"Giving hickeys"

"What do you mean?" 

"Oh, she didn't tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

"I taught her how to give them."


"I don't mean that I gave her any. But I told her what to do and let her practice on me."

Jungkook was shocked and quite speechless. He didn't know whether to be mad or not.

He had many questions in his head and went to speak but his hyung beat him to it.

"It was when we were still in highschool, Namjoon came home with one and she asked me about it. I told her and she said she wanted to learn how to do it. I told her how to and she practiced on me a few times. Does that answer the questions in your head?" Yoongi said casually. 

“So... she gave you hickeys? Weren’t you guys just friends?”

“Yeah, well, we were just messing around, it annoyed Namjoon alot though, he didn’t talk to me for a month.”

“Didn’t she have a crush on you in highschool?”

Ah~ you know about that?” Yoongi asked, ruffling his hair.

“Yeah, she told me last week. She left out that fact that you were her practice dummy though.” He looked a bit saddened.

“Hey, no hard feelings right? It was years ago, and you two are so great together now, she is so much happier with you compared to her old boyfriend.” he knew Jungkook was the type to get paranoid over something like his previous actions with the girl he was dating.

"Really?" The younger asked, smiling suddenly.

"Yeah, she was always trying so hard to suck up to him and he would treat her like a side piece, you’re the opposite, it seems like you suck up to her. It's like you're in love." Yoongi joked.

"M-maybe...I am…" Jungkook trailed off, his confused expression taking over.

"I was just kidding, maknae, you can't know that at this stage in your relationship. Give it a few more months then you will be able to tell, don't get so caught up on the idea of being in love just yet."

"Ok hyung, thanks." He said turning his phone back on and pulling his headphones on. Yoongi just nodded before going back to sleep.

They landed in Japan an hour later, doing their airport walk through and going to get lunch. After lunch they had their first photoshoot then interview.

They guys met up with their staff when they got to the venue for shooting.

They walked into smaller dressing rooms, being split up into 3 groups.

They they're styled and completed the photoshoot within 2 hours.

Next was the interview.

They went to a new location, an office building and were sat down as a group waiting for the interviewer and translator.

Jungkook was nervous, he had to sit next to his ex for a good hour or so.

She entered the room with a smirk, instantly making eye contact with Jungkook.

He held her stare as she swayed her hips over to her stool next to Jungkooks behind the couch that sat 4 of the members.

"Hey Baby" she purred, her hand latching onto his thigh as soon as she sat down.

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