the one with the bubbles

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You got back to the room and just instantly fell onto the bed, curling up into a fetal position not too soon after.

Your painkillers had worn off and you were now groaning at the cramps rippling through you.

"You ok?" Jungkook questioned you after seeing you curl up.

"Can you run me a hot bath, please?" You mumbled breathlessly.

He didn't even hesitate moving to the bathroom and following through with your request.

"Are you having cramps?" He yelled out front the bathroom and you let out a weak "yeah".

“Do you want bubbles in it?” he said finding some bubble bath in a cabinet with extra soap and body wash.

“There’s bubbles?” you said pulling your shirt over your head as you got up to get to the bathroom. You ripped off your shoes and yanked off your socks with each step towards the door.

“Jungkook, it hurts…” you whined as you walked into the bathroom, grabbing your lower stomach and rubbing it.

He looked up and stood up when he heard you, not expecting you to only be half dressed and in that much pain. 

“Come here” he said wrapping his arms around you.

“What happened to your shirt?” he asked, your cleavage pressing up right against him was more than noticeable and threatening to cloud his mind. 

“I was getting ready to get in the bath.” you grumbled. 

“Can you, uhhh… undress yourself?” he asked after clearing his throat. 

“Do you want to undress me?” you mumbled in an attempt of being a tease.

“I was being serious.” he replied with a blush.

“Were you?” you teased more, separating from him and dropping your shorts. His eyebrows shot up and he looked up at the ceiling, flustered.

“Why are you so flustered? You know what my body looks like." You said looking up at him, concerned and honestly a bit triggered.

Did he find your body repulsive? Were you disgusting? Miss Overthinking-Cranky-Pants was your cycle mood right now. 

"I haven't seen you... naked..." he said blinking up at the roof again. 

"I'm not naked you idiot." You said pulling his chin down.

"Ah, still…. you're in the equivalent of a bikini which is basically naked in my head." He admitted.

"Have you even seen me in a bikini? I wouldn't be caught looking this bad in a swimsuit." You said confidently. He hadn't seen you in a bikini.... yet.

"Bad? Y/n, you're stunning." He let his thoughts flow freely off his tongue.

"Then look at me." You hissed but he kept his eyes trained on your eyes.

"Fuck…" he whined, "I can't look at you, y/n, if I do then I'm going to want you too much." 

"Huh?" You said as your eyes almost popped out of your head.

"Don’t worry about it, just have your bath.” He said kissing your forehead, picking up your shorts and leaving the bathroom. 

You sighed loudly and stripped off your undergarments as well as tying up your hair before getting into the steaming bath.

You got yourself comfortable and closed your eyes to relax and try to rid your body of the pain. You ended up falling asleep in the tub until you heard Jungkook singing to himself. 

"It's been a long day without you, my friend. And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again. We've come a long way from where we began. Oh, I'll-" your sniffle from the bathroom made him stop.

"Y/n? You ok?" He yelled out, getting up from his seat at the large desk along one wall of the room.

"Mhmm" you said, hiding your crying state as well as possible. 

"Are you sure?" He said outside the door.

You hiccuped a cry in response and he, without a thought, entered the bathroom.

"Yah!!! Get out!!" You said covering your boobs quickly under the water.

"Why are you crying?" He asked, blinking down at you.

You noted that he kept his eyes trained on your eyes, not looking at the bath water where your naked body lay. You just frowned at him, embarrassed.

"I can't see anything, the bubbles are covering you." He said to reassure you.

When you sniffed but still didn't say anything he sat beside the bathtub, on the floor. He faced parallel to your body but in the other direction to the way you were facing. You put ur hands back onto the side of the bathtub timidly.

"Tell me what made you upset?" He said putting a hand over yours and rubbing your knuckles.

"T-that's a sad song…" you said, looking down at the water.

"Baby… it's ok." He said reaching out with his other hand to stroke your hair gently.

"B-but Paul Walker… he died!" You whined.

"Don't be upset, please." He said feeling all soft and sad for you to be upset by a song devoted to an actor.

"I'm sorry, it's just I-I'm really emotional right n-now…"

"Its ok, he died doing something he loved…you don't need to cry." 

"That doesn't help, Jungkook" you said letting out another sniffle.

"Sorry… how about I sing you a different song."

You looked up at him with curiosity.

"Hmmm" he was thinking of what song to sing. Something sweet and innocent but still a bop.

"A-ha," he said, "Tipping toeing down your spine when everyone's around. Kiss me hard forget them judging eyes. Who cares about what is to come, no, I don't fear the night. Let's show 'em what it is to be alive."

He sung Crime by Grey. You smiled when he stroked the apple of your cheek at the end of the first verse.

Ok, get out so I can get out of this bath and cuddle you while you sing for me.”

“Oh, yeah, sorry.” he said quickly getting up and shuffling out of the room.

“Can you pass me my pajamas, from my bag?” You yelled out to Jungkook after wrapping yourself in a towel and putting in a tampon.

“Yeah.” he said riffling through your bag to find the pink and white striped Cooky pajama set. He found them, smiled, and walked back over to the bathroom.

“Thanks.” you said snatching them from him and closing the bathroom door.

Within 5 minutes you were laying in bed, head on his lap, hand on his thigh drawing little figure of eights.

You were scrunched into a little ball while he played with your hair. He sang your favourite songs until you fell asleep.

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