the one with the deal

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“Put her down.” He added and Jungkook put you down gently on the ground on your feet.

“Joonieeee,” you whined, “why do you always ruin my fun?”

“By fun you mean you trying to sleep with every guy you meet?” he retorted.

“Yah! That was uncalled for! I don’t!” you snared back, you were tired of him picking on you, it was upsetting.

“She didn’t try sleep with me…” Tae mumbled.

“You know what, it’s tiring to hear you always deny it.” he said, Jungkook was stood behind you, staying silent like the rest of Bangtan. He put a hand on your shoulder.

You were getting embarrassed and self-conscious, everyone could tell.

“Namjoon….that's a bit...out of line…” he stuttered.

Don't, Jungkook,” he warned, “I caught you getting it on with Jongin at that party, sis. Don’t act like you're so innocent.”

“Namjoon…” Taehyung half warned.

“That's enough Namjoon.” Jin said sternly, he didnt like anyone making others feel bad or sad. Especially someone that was close to the members.

“You still need to help me move in…” you said breaking the argumentative bickering.

“This conversation is not over but I'll keep to my word. How about tomorrow?” he said, realizing it was probably making you mad at him.

You glanced around at the other guys then back at you brother.

“I’ll help” Tae said excitedly, he hadn't seen your apartment yet so he hopped at the chance to do so.

“Me too” Jungkook said from behind you, your own smile growing.

“We can all help!” Jimin chimed in. His smile radiating enthusiastically.

“Really?” you asked basically vibrating with happiness. Your emotions changed very quickly quite often, some people almost thought you had a personality disorder or something.

“Of course.” Jin said joining in the chorus of men.

“Great!” you said smiling still, “but you guys better make sure Namjoon brings me lots of snacks, he owes me a lifetime of them.”

“Whateverrr” Namjoon said leaning on the back of the couch, uninterested.

“Speaking of snacks….” Jungkook said slinging his arm around your shoulders.

Namjoon frowned at the action and you stared at your brother.

“I’m not a hoe, so i can interact with guys how i want and you can't stop me” you said knowing what was going around in his head.

“As long as you let me get to know the guys you plan on keeping.” he said smirking.

“Fine fine, but you can't keep judging me so openly.” you said grinning with your teeth similar to Taehyung.

Deal.” he said sticking out his hand for you to shake. You did, before he changed his mind.

“Now I can annoy you and you can’t do anything about it” you said evilly smiling.

He thinned his eyes at you.

“How are you going to annoy me?” he said as if he didnt believe you could.

“Oh, i don't know? Maybe….” you trailed off, pecking Jungkook on the cheek. Jungkook’s eyes widened a bit.

Namjoon opened his mouth to speak but shut it quickly before opening it again.

“That doesn’t bother me” he said smiling painfully.

“Ok, we can go get snacks now Jungkook.” you said dragging him towards the kitchen.

“Yah! Don’t eat too much, it’s almost time for dinner, Maknae.” Jin said eyeing the young one that you held by the wrist.

“I won’t let him, Seokjin-ssi” you replied.

As soon as you and Jungkook entered the Kitchen, Namjoon let out a heavy sigh.

“Don’t think any of this is an invitation for you to hit on my sister, Jimin. Or any of you.” He said looking down at the couch after turning around and gripping the back of it with his hands.

“We won't, Hyung.” Tae said stroking the dog napping in his lap.

“I’ll be in my room, I need a shower. Tell her i’ll see her tomorrow when she leaves.” he said leaving the room.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen…

You rifled through the part of the pantry that held confectioneries and snacks.

Jungkook watched you but stayed leaning himself against the countertop parallel to the pantry door.

It was a great walk-in pantry to say the least.

You pulled out items and showed him them, seeing if he fancied them. He would shake his head and you would continue to rifle.

You found a Cup Noodles and looked at him with a smile.

“How about we share this?” you said showing him it.

He nodded in response, glancing from you to the cup noodles then at you again. He seemed quiet, his lips still slightly swollen, you hadn't noticed that before.

You moved to the kettle and flicked it on, the humming hiss noise starting as the water was heated to a boil.

He watched you the entire time, admiration in his eyes

(( this chapter was so badly written but who cares, besides me anyway ))

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