the one with the popcorn

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"This way" he said leading you to the express lane at the Disneyland entrance. You were too entranced by the already magic seaming place.

"Come on, we need to get our fast passes as soon as possible." He grabbed your hand to lead you through the entrance once getting your tickets.

"How do the fast passes work?" You questioned looking down at the ticket.

"You go to a machine outside a ride and it gives you a ticket with a time slot on it. That time slot is when you come back and get in the fast pass line. It's different from other theme parks."

"That's actually smart. Except if you are waiting for another ride and the line take longer than expected so you miss the slot." You said grabbing his hand once you got through the entrance and World Bazaar and begun moving towards the iconic castle.

"What do you want to do first?" He asked and you glanced at the map you had been given with the ticket.

"What are the best rides?" You asked.

"Any of the mountain rides, really."

"Well what are some good rides to start with?"

"Pirates of the Caribbean or the Snow White one maybe?"

"Snow White it is." You said and he nodded before leading you to it from memory.

The ride was mediocre but you enjoyed it.

Next up was the Monsters Inc Ride & Go Seek. You went on this with low expectations but ended up enjoying the concept of pointing flashlights at interactive things in the dark.

After this was Big Thunder mountain.

Now this was more up your alley, the thrill of going 58km/h was exhilarating and you couldn't not enjoy it.

You grabbed his hand during the ride and held it up in the air with your own.

He had laughed breathlessly at the small action and watched you close your eyes as the wind hit your face.

Your bright smile stayed visible even when your eyes disappeared.

"You are crazy." he said once the 2 of you had got off and you started leading him towards the popcorn kart that someone was wheeling around.

"What ya gonna do about it?" you teased as you stopped infront of the popcorn cart.

They were offering 2 flavours.

"Milk Chocolate and Barbeque?" you whisper-asked Jungkook.

He smiled at your confusion, "They do weird flavours but they all taste great! One of each, please" he said to the man.

"I'm paying." you said whipping out your card before Jungkook could even reach his wallet.

"No, everything is on me, you just got your apartment."

"Doesn't mean that I can't treat the both of us, I work at a law firm, sweetie, that means..." you did a 'making it rain' motion with your hands after giving the worker your card.

After the amazing popcorn flavours were finished, onto the haunted house you went.

You got on the haunted house little pod seat and soon started your 9 minute ride.

You were clutching his arm as it started, you liked scary movies but jump scares weren't your thing when it came to real life so the anxiety for them during the ride was high.

"Are you actually scared?" He asked and you shook your head no.

"Let go of my arm." He said and you complied, thinking you were hurting him. He wasn't usually direct with you.

He slid his arm around your back once you had let go, resting his arm on your hip as you focused on the glowing faces you were passing.

You weren't even a minute in yet and you were discovering it wasn't even scary.

"I expected this to be actually scary." You whispered.

"Nah, it's not. People usually come on this ride to have a laugh or make out or yanno..." He whispered back.

"I'm not surprised." You were casual about it.

"If you listen carefully you can hear people." He said.

"Can we just make out too, instead? This is kinda boring." You said in the dark. You couldn't even see his face but you knew he was close because of the whispering between the 2 of you.

"Uh... what if we get kicked out-" you gave up on listening and just shoved your face in his direction.

Thankfully your lips hit his and they moulded together. You shoved your tongue into his mouth as soon as you got the chance and you knew he was swooning over your forcefulness by the way his arm had gone limp around you and his mouth not contesting with your owns actions.

4 minutes later you were interrupted by the couple in front of you groaning. You instantly moved your head away from Jungkook to stare into the darkness in front of you.

You could hear him breathing heavily as he nuzzled into your jaw.

"Yuck." you whispered and made a gagging sound. He moved his head away from yours to listen curiously.

"You're too innocent to hear these noises." he said covering your ears with his hands.

You looked up at him in the dark, you could see the little reflections in his eyes and it reminded you of stars.

Within the next few seconds the light at the end of the tunnel appeared.

The ride was merely a 20 more seconds. He uncovered your ears now that he could actually see you.

"Is there something on my face?" he asked seeing you stare at him.

"No, you're just really handsome." you said with a cheeky smile. He blushed lightly at the unexpected compliment.

"Aww don't blush, baby" you said pulling the bucket hat he had put back on, tighter on his head.

After a few more rides had been done he could tell you were starting to wear out.

Disneyland was tiresome to walk around for the day but he knew it could be a major turning point in your relationship.

If there was even the tiniest chance of you being in love with him then a trip like this would keep you together and confirm that the two of you had the chance of a future with one another.

If you didn't think there was a chance between you two then this trip would mean you would start showing signs of disinterest in the relationship.

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