the one with the call

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"Well I'm going to go, we should catch up soon" he said through the phone speaker.

You sighed with exaggeration, slightly to irritate him.

"Yeah, soon. Bye, big bro" you said ready to end the call.

"Bye sis." he replied and hung up.

As soon as the line went dead you turned off your phone and spread yourself out over your bed. A harsh sigh left your lips as you contemplated what Jimin and Jungkook would be like, compared to the other 4 members of Bangtan and, of course, your older brother, their leader.

You were probably closest to Taehyung and Hoseok, they sometimes felt like your older brothers more than Namjoon. They cared for everyone around them, maybe that was why.

Yoongi was the one who you were chill with the most, probably because you had known him the longest, and had had a little crush on him when you were younger.

Seokjin made you feel the happiest, he was just how everyone expected the eldest member of boy group to be, caring and parent-like. As well as a good cook.

Taehyung was just a sweet lol, the Daegu boys were definitely your favourites to be around. Tae especially. He was one of your closest friends. Even if your brother lowkey disapproved.

You hadn't seen any of them in a few months, not even your brother, but still, Namjoon seemed to think it was better for everyone that way. Basically, he didn't want you or one of them to become too close or closer.

You glanced around your bedroom, the wrapped gift for your brother caught your eye, the plain black wrapping of the large rectangular box with a simple silver bow and card stuck under the ribbon, was just the cover of the mixing equipment you had gotten him.

You had asked Yoongi what Namjoon had wanted for his birthday and apparently it was this piece of mixing equipment that Yoongi had and Namjoon always asked to use.

You sighed for what felt like the billionth time today, and grabbed your phone from beside you. You pulled up Yoongi's contact and clicked on the little phone icon. The screen changed to a dark theme as the ringing started to hit your ears.

It rang 8 times before he finally picked up.

"Hello Y/N." His voice was tired yet a hint of curiosity made itself known.

"Heyyy Yoons" You replied trying to sound a bit cheerful.

"What's with the call?" He questioned. You were the type that usually prefered to text, and he knew it.

"I was wondering if Namjoon was at the dorms? Do you know if he is there?"

"Let me check." He said and you heard him stand, walk, open a door and continue to walk.

About 2 minutes later, he finally spoke again.

"Yeah, he is. Why?"

"I want to bring his gift over, so i can give it to him before i forget about it."

"Oh... Well, text me when you get here, and i'll buzz you up." He said casually as if he didn't live in an apartment worth 8.5 Billion won.

"Cool, i'm on my way now then. See ya soon."

"Bye Y/N."

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