the one with the zip-up

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r16 - mature/sensitive themes ahead
you've read this warning so don't say I didnt warn you.

Jungkook knocked at your door, the sun was dropping below the horizon so he knew you would be home and getting ready to eat.

Bags of food weighed his toned arms down. One of the bags was full of your favourite chinese food, knowing it was your favourite dinner meal, and the other 2 were full of Japanese snacks and lollies he had got you in Japan.

He knocked again then heard frustrated muffled yelling and stomping inside.

You swung the door open in one of his zip-up hoodies. You had booty shorts on underneath but he couldn’t see them.

You also wore a scowl on your face as you looked down at his feet before trailing your eyes up to his face.

He smiled.

He stepped past you, into your apartment and turned around to face you while you still processed his existence.

“Jungkook!” you cheered, suddenly jumping into him. He dropped the bags of food before catching your ass in his hands.

You wrapped your legs around his waist tightly, so as not to fall. You instantly kissed him, long and hard. He kissed back fiercely, passion burning in his mouth.

He kicked the door closed and pushed your back against it.

You groaned at this new lust.

He broke his lips from yours and let his eyes look down at the girl in his hoodie. 

“When did I give you this?” he asked, moving one hand from supporting you to play with the zip at the base of your neck.

“Our third date, the movies when I got cold in the cinema.” 

“I wore concert merch to a date?” he said looking at the love yourself logo on it.

“Yeah.” you said wrapping your arms around his neck tighter, pulling him into another kiss. 

He broke the kiss to move his head into your neck, kissing it harshly.

You unconsciously rolled your hips into his, he groaned in response, lips vibrating on your neck. He pushed you harder into the door.

“What are you up to?” he questioned.

“I-I’m ready.” you said, watching him mark your skin. He stopped abruptly and looked up to you. 

“Really?” his head had moved to its normal position and he looked down at you, eyes wide.

“Yeah...” you were blushing lightly at his concern.

He instantly smashed his lips onto yours and his feet began to move towards your bedroom.

He lightly kicked the door open and layed you onto the bed, his lips still working with yours.

Your hands were in his hair as his unzipped the hoodie.

One of his hands kneaded your breast over your bra and your back arched up to him.

He leant away from you to pull his shirt off.

"Fuck. You're like burn-myself-on-the-stove-hot." You said looking at him standing before you only in his jeans. 

"If I'm that hot, then you must be lava." He purred peeling your shorts off leaving you only in your undergarments.

He kissed your knee all the way up to the waistband of your underwear.

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