the one with the zombie

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"Y/N!" echoed through both of your ears.

"Jungkook, let go." You whispered as you heard your brother making his way to the room.

"Admit it then." Stupid childish boy.

"Fine, you are pretty good." You sighed out and he released you.

You shuffled away a bit and picked your controller up just as Namjoon opened the door.

He came in with a tired smile.

You smiled at him and Jungkook looked at him a bit like a bored deer in headlights, as if he wanted to be hit.

"Y/N, it's late, too late." Namjoon said with a yawn, staying in the doorway as if it took too much energy to go anymore into the room.

"Oh," You said whipping out and glancing at your phone. It read 11:43pm, "Wow we played for a long time. I'll leave now, I don't want you to stay up, you look exhausted, Joonie." You said standing up.

Jin appeared behind Namjoon and eyed you then looked at his own phone. He whispered something to Namjoon and Namjoon thought for a moment before nodding his head.

Jin spoke up, "Why don't you stay in the guest room tonight Y/N, then Namjoon doesn't have to make sure you get home safely."

You blinked vigorously in slight shock at this sudden suggestion.

Your brother was like a zombie and you felt bad. You knew they were all tired and didn't want any stress.

"Um, sure, if it's no problem" You said glancing between the 3 guys.

"Of course not, anything for Namjoon's sister, it's already ready. Jungkook, can you show her where it is and make sure she has everything she needs? While I help this walking zombie to his own bed." Jin said and Jungkook nodded accompanying his reply of a simple "Yeah."

"Say goodnight, Namjoon." Jin said as you and Jungkook made it over to the door.

"Goodnight Namjoon" Namjoon said with another yawn, he must have been drinking with dinner you thought to yourself.

"No, say goodnight to your sister." Jin sighed out.

"Oh... Goodnight Y/N, thanks for the gift." he said slinging an arm around you in a tired attempt of a hug. You hugged him and he patted your head before Jin started dragging him down the hallway.

You turned around to face Jungkook and he was smiling at you already.

"Follow me, I guess." With that he started walking down the hallway in the opposite direction that the other 2 had gone. He stopped 2 doors down from his own room, on the same side of the hallway. He opened the door and walked through it, holding it open for you as you entered.

"Here you go," He said flicking the light switch on, brightening the whole room, "Do you need anything? There are fresh towels in the bathroom if you want to shower and ummm, yeah." He said grinning softly.

"Umm, actually, there is one thing...Could you go to Namjoons closet and get me a shirt to sleep in... please..." you said sitting yourself down on the bed awkwardly.

"Sure, I'll be back in a second." He said disappearing from view as he closed the door.

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