the one with the shits

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You woke up the next morning with a slight aching pain down below, but also a feeling of joy and comfort.

You looked over at Jungkook in his happy sleeping state.

His morning beauty was something you wished you could see every morning.

His soft tousled bed hair, his rising and falling chest, his slightly parted lips, his gorgeous neck.

You leant over him after sitting up and kissed his lips lightly.

He groaned and an eye of his opened.

He kissed you back with alot more force and suddenly rolled you over, hovering over you and the two of you made out in the soft sunlight coming through your drapes. He broke the kiss and bunny grinned at you.

You suddenly heard your front door being knocked on, but he clearly didn't notice as he stared down at you.

You pushed him back to your side and he pouted.

"Good morning to you t-"

"Shhhh." You mumbled as Jungkook tried talking to you, the sheets tangled over you both. He pouted more and kissed your shoulder as he lay beside you, his arms around your waist.

"S-stop... I heard something." You scolded as he trailed his lips up the side of your neck.

"Shhhh, Y/N, you're paranoid. It's just us" he mumbled in your ear trying to show dominance while his voice was still rough from sleep.

"Not in my apartment, at the door. I think it's Tae with my phone." You sighed and moved yourself away from your boyfriend and out of the bed.

You heard Jungkook sigh loudly, to dramatize you leaving the bed and him.

You guessed it would be Taehyung dropping off your phone since you left it in his room yesterday so you grabbed Jungkook's button up and did up most of the buttons, leaving 2 at the top undone.

You were right, someone was at your door, but you were also very wrong.

It was not Taehyung, instead, it was the worst possible person, the one and only Kim Namjoon. You sighed and hoped that he didn't want to come in.

Oh, how you were proven wrong.

As soon as you opened the door, he invited himself in, even though you were only in a man's shirt and underwear.

"Hi little sis, did I wake you?" He said walking right past you, ignoring your lack of attire and into the living room.

"Kinda. Why are you-" You sighed out and cut yourself off with a yawn, clearly telling him you didn't want him in your apartment.

You crossed your arms over your chest.

"You weren't answering your phone so I came to ask you if you wanted to come to dinner-" His voice was cut off by the entrance of the other guy in your apartment, but not only was it his entrance that shocked your brother.

It was the fact that 1. He came from your bedroom and 2. he only had sweatpants hanging loosely around his hips.

His head was down as he spoke, tying the little cords in a bow.

"Can you hurry up and come back to be-" he froze, looking up to spot your older brother, which he clearly had seemed to not have heard, standing on the other side of you.

"Shit." You said as you took in the sight of your boyfriend, biting your lip, finding him very hot in the moment.

"Shit, indeed." Namjoon reiterated as his expressions flicked from happy to confused and angry, real quick.

"Care to explain?" He said, his eyes not leaving the half-naked man that had spent the night with you.

"Hyun-" Jungkook started.

"Let me guess, your shower doesn't work Jungkook? Oh wait, you live in a house with 6 showers so it must be option 2." Namjoon coldly laughed out, pissed beyond belief, referring to an iconic excuse for being at someone else's apartment, staring down the boy behind you.

"Do you just want to come clean and admit you fucked my little sister?"

That hurt.

He started moving towards Jungkook. You quickly took it upon yourself to get in Namjoon's way, hands on his stomach, arms outstretched.

"Stop, I know you're mad but we are both consenting adults."

"Jungkook knows this is wrong and going against what I said." He barked back, eyes still burning holes in the silent Jungkook.

"Namjoon, don't, please." You tried to say.

"Hyung I would've asked you if I could date your sister but-"

Within a second Namjoon moved past you and stormed towards Jungkook, disregarding both of your words.

Jungkook's eyes widened as Namjoon moved towards him. You grabbed Namjoon by the arm, attempting to keep him away from the boy.

The mentioned boy was frozen in his place, feet stuck in non existent mud.

You didn't know if he had shut down or was facing his problems.


"Is this a one time thing or have you two fucked before?" he interrupted, snapping his head in your direction. Swearing was not something he did often, it off-put you.

"We..." you trailed off as he glared you down, unable to meet his alerted and burning eyes.

"We haven't, but we've been together for months and she said she was ready to-" Jungkook spat out in defense.

"Under my nose this whole time?" he looked back at you, his back straightening and wrenching your clammy hands from his wrist.

He turned back to the boy, stepping closer again.

He pushed the younger one backwards with force back into your bedroom. He was not having this, even being such a reasonable and logical person normally.

"And you didn't even attempt to ask for my permission, not even any mention of My. Little. Sister." he said, arms hitting the boys bare broad chest with each full stop, wrists flicking up into the air as they bounced off of his skin.

"I should've asked you first, hyung, I knew it was wrong but I don't regret it, please don't be mad-" Jungkook defended again.


A strong but badly executed right hook left your brother holding his hand and Jungkook cupping his face on the floor of your bedroom.

"At her..." Jungkook finished, eyes watering with the pain.

Namjoon cooled down a bit with the youngers words and seeing him teary eyed, his shoulders slacked and his anger softened.

Hurting Jungkook hurt him but Jungkook's finishing words left him speechless.

Jungkook's lip was quivering and he looked ready to cry.

One of his best friends just hit him, Namjoon was such a big part of his life having basically raised him with the rest of the guys. He was completely conflicted.

"Get OUT!" you screamed at your brother.

Grabbing his arm harshly, your neatly cut nails digging into his arm.

"Jungko-" regret hit Namjoon like a baseball against a bat, or one could say regret hit Namjoon like Namjoon hit Jungkook.

"Leave, right now!" you hissed.

Without another word, he was gone.

Your door slammed closed on his exit.

What you didn't know is that Namjoon went down to Jin's car and sat with his head in his hands, Jin asking him what was wrong.

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