the one with the bickering

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When you all got down to the gym floor of the apartment building, you had Yeontan in your arms, walking beside Taehyung.

You two were really good friends so it was good to have a catch up. Namjoon gave you some space, leading the group into the large room full of black and silver equipment.

Jungkook walked at the back of the group with Jimin, you and Tae in front of them, Jin and Yoongi in front of you two and finally the 94s at the front. When everyone got in, they went to what equipment they wanted to use and begun working out.

Taehyung smiled at you, "What do you want to do?" he questioned.

"How about some running?" You said making your way to the treadmills with his dog.

"What is it with you and running!?" he sighed.

You just smiled at him and hopped on a treadmill.

"Just help me start this thing and then we can talk more." you said pressing buttons randomly with one hand while you held Yeontan in the other.

Taehyung sighed and got on the treadmill too, standing behind you, "I'm surprised you and Jungkook haven't met before, honestly you guys are the same."

He reached around you to press the buttons, setting up the machine so you only had to press start to begin.

"There, just click start to begin" he said and gave you his iconic boxy smile.

"Thanks Taehyung!" you thanked him as he got off.

You put Yeontan down on the floor between the running machines as Tae got on the one beside you.

You pressed start and the speed slowly sped up. Tae tried to keep up with you as time went on and your speed increased.

After 45 minutes of running with a few breaks, you and Tae gave up. The others were giving up too.

Taehyung layed down on the cold floor, cradling his dog under his arm, his bangs sticking to his forehead and lashes. You sat down next to him as the others decided to join the 2 of you. They looked good, all of them, some may even say they looked 'hot' ((get it?)).

"Taehyungie... I'm sorry I made you run with me." you said feeling bad for the exhausted boy on the floor beside you.

"Next time i'm going to make you lift weights." he said back, turning his face to the side to look up at you.

"You can't even lift weights, hyung." Jungkook said plainly and the others all snickered, intently listening.

"Shut up you muscle pig." Taehyung retorted and you snickered softly too.

"Stop being mean, Tae." Jungkook said frowning.

"Yeah, Taeeee" you mocked, dragging out Taehyungs nickname sarcastically.

"I will drown you in my sweat, y/n!" Taehyung said grabbing you arm and sliding you over to him.

"Nonononoooo" you whined shimming away as Taehyung sat up.

Namjoon was watching your interaction and when Tae went to grab your waist, he cleared his throat. Both of you and Taehyung looked at him.

Namjoon was glaring Taehyung down, silently telling him to back off.

You didnt think Taehyung was understanding much of Namjoons seriousness so you glared at your brother.

"Don't give him that look." you said, scolding your brother and laying an arm across Taehyung's shoulders.

"Don't give me that attitude." Namjoon shot back.

"Come over here and say that to my face." you scowled lurching forward, in your brothers direction.

Taehyung wrapped an arm around your waist from behind you and sat you back down beside him.

"Stop bickeringggg...," Taehyung whined, "Hyung, I don't like your sister like that, y/n stop provoking him." he added.

"Why don't you like me like that? Am I not good enough? Is it coz i made you run?" you teased.

"Shut up y/n" Taehyung replied.

You guys were close and once Namjoon had realised that you two were close, he had had a talk to the both of you about your friendship. Neither of you 'liked' the other in any way more than friends.

"Ok, lets go back to the dorm, I'm hungry" Yoongi said and hoseok nodded agreeing.

With that, everyone stood up and started to make their way back up to the dorm.

Once you got there, you said your goodbyes, grabbed your stuff and left, going to your apartment to shower. After that you went to work.

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