the one with the iron man socks

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I thought I'd give ya a longer chapter to make up for the last one being short and some smut for sister hitting 10k votes!! tysm readers ily all....

dedicated to min_areum_ah


"You look like a burrito." Jungkook said smiling childishly at you wrapped in the blanket again while the 2 of you were in the elevator.

"Good thing you love food as much as I do then." You grumbled out.

"I love you more than food." He slipped out and you didn't really catch on to him indirectly saying 'I love you'.

You got into the dorms and went straight to Jungkooks room.

"Do you want some warm clothes to sleep in?" He asked you as you entered the room after him.

"Not warm clothes because I'll get too hot... have you just got some underwear I can borrow?" You asked, feeling stupid for asking him for underwear.

"Uhhh I have some old boxers if that works?" He said going over to his walk in closet.

"Yeah, please." You said and he came back out with some jet black boxers, red & black plaid and some iron man socks.

"Aww, these are so cute" you said as he handed you the items.

"I thought your feet might still be cold and you'll warm up faster if you wear socks. And I know you don't like sleeping in your bra." He said down at you.

"Thank you Jungkook" you said before admiring his clothing.

"I'll go change in the bathroom." You said before packing his cheek and waddling off to the bathroom to change.

You came back out carrying the blanket from your apartment. You put it on his desk chair before climbing into his bed quickly. You snuggled yourself into the duvet as he sat on the other side of the bed scrolling through his phone.

"Are you warm?" You said referring to the fact that the only clothes he wore were a pair of pajama shorts and matching long sleeve pajama shirt. He wasn't going to make you uncomfortable and sleep naked next to you and you knew that.

"You just want me to cuddle you, don't you?" He said glancing over at your head peeking out of the duvet.

"Yep." you said yawning again.

"Fine." He said putting his phone down and climbing into the bed beside you.

"You are so cute in your pajama shorts." You said as he snuggled into your back, spooning you.

"Go to sleep, y/n" he whispered by your ear.

You turned your head and pecked his lips before whispering goodnight.

"Goodnight y/n," he paused as he felt you fall asleep instantly against his chest, "I love you." He whispered almost silently but you were already dreaming.

You woke up to a warm arm over your waist early in the morning. Jungkook was still asleep so you decided to just turn over and admire his pretty morning sleeping state.

The week had been very stressful for him but thankfully that was over now. A few minutes later he shuffled around a bit and his eyes flickered open.

"Babe?" He said having opened his eyes to you staring and smiling at him.

"Morning." You purred before running your hand through his hair.

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