the one with the Kookie

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7 minutes later.

Jungkook and you were sitting on your couch playing overwatch for what seemed like the millionth time in the span of you meeting each other.

You were beating him and it was killing him, and so were you, literally.

He had been distracted by the cookies the entire time, asking if they were ready to eat yet and you replying with a firm "Nope" each time.

You paused the match suddenly and he blinked at you honestly confused.

“Do you want cookies or not?” you teased standing and walking over to the kitchen, disappearing from his line of sight.

He shot up from his seat and stalked you to the kitchen once he had processed your words.

“Won’t they still be hot?” 

“Mhmm” you said picking one up slowly and taking a bite, the warm cookie was amazing, but the highlight was the gooey chocolate chips he had made you put in once he had spotted them in your cupboard. 

As an experienced cookie maker, you knew the perfect amount of cooling time. 

He grabbed one, mouth watering, and put the whole cookie in his mouth, they weren’t too big so it wasn’t difficult for him.

“Wow!” he expressed after chewing and wallowing his cookie.

You grinned at him and he grinned back, “It tastes like your chapstick!” he said grabbing another.

Ahh, good ol’ trusty cookie batter flavoured chapstick. ((I have a cake batter one and ITS THE BEST THING EVER))

Yah~!” you swatted at his arm.

“Your chapstick is cookie flavoured, isn’t it!” he figured you out.

“Maybe... “ you said, running your tongue over your front teeth.

“Come here so I can test my theory!” he said grabbing you waist with his firm hands.

“Only if you feed me another cookie.” you said making an obvious move to look at the cookies on the trays.

“How about we just make out enough so you can taste the cookie I just ate?” he suggested.

“I’m good with that idea.” you said and grabbed his chin, pulling his mouth to your own.

You made out for a good 4 minutes after that. 

You pulled away and licked your lips lightly he watched you. 

"You taste just like the cookies" you said grinning stupidly wide, head tilted up to look at him.

"So do you." He said, slyly admiring the purple marks on your neck he had created earlier.

"I think I'm going to call you Kookie." You said grabbing another cookie from the tray.


"Because your name is Jung Kook and you like my cookies and you make me happy like these cookies we just made together. So that equals Kookie!" You montched down on the cookie in your hand.

He rolled his eyes and grabbed himself another one too.

4 weeks later...

“Why is your trainer so hot?”

“Focus on me...” he pleaded.

“You know I can hear you both. Come on Jeon, if not, your girlfriend will have to see me shirtless more often.” He was only teasing so to rile Jungkook up, you knew it but you didn’t think Jungkook did.

It was probably best that he didn’t, it would make him focus anyway to impress you.

Jungkook frowned and turned back to the other guy in the ring. They spared better now.

17 minutes passed and you ended up on your phone after the first 5.

“Babyyy, can you hold this please?” Jungkook said hanging a piece of cloth in front of your face. You glanced up and were met with his chiselled face and chest. He was glowing, well, maybe it was just sweat but still.

Shit” you muttered, tranced by his toned body, you could even see his v-line from the exposure of his baggy-ish shorts and boxers waistband.

“Y/n, wake up.” he teased dropping the smelly, sweaty shirt on your arm before returning to his trainer.

You eeked like a mouse and dropped it on the floor. He smirked, but you didn’t know as you watched his muscular shoulders roll back and forward as he went to square up again.

“Last time, then we’re done.” The trainer said, tapping gloves with your boyfriend.

Jungkook grunted in acknowledgment as they begun again.

You watched this one for as long as you could. 

They finished and took off their gloves, wraps remaining.

“Thanks Jisung-hyung” Jungkook expressed and walked across the ring to where you sat outside the ropes. He climbed between them and jumped down to the floor.

“Come on, baby,” he emphasised the word baby by increasing his volume a little bit,” let's go.” he said smiling at you.

“Ok.” you said standing up as he grabbed his shirt, phone and wallet.

“Maybe you could bring your girlfriend again next time.” Jisung yelled as you begun walking out. He was messing with Jungkook, still. 

“I don’t think so” Jungkook said as he slid his arm around your shoulders. You didn't mind his sticky skin on your shirt.

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