the one with the hormonal teen

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You turned on your heels and looked at him, his eyes staring into yours, you blushed, not expecting him to be looking directly into your eyes.

“Hi” you said rocking on your heels, swaying back and forward. He smiled.

“Hi” he replied.

“I'm so excited to eat all of the snacks Namjoon is gonna bring me!” you said smiling and turning around as the kettle popped, the water finishing its boiling bath.

He rolled his eyes before checking you out.

Yoongi walking in silently as he did.

You tore open the lid and poured the water into the cup.

The black haired man smacked the back of Jungkook's head.

“Ow!!” he yelped and you turned around with a curious frown, a set of chopsticks in hand.

“Hi Yoongi!” you said smiling and glancing at Jungkook who was rubbing his head.

“Hi y/n.” he said offering you a closed smile.

“Why'd you hit poor little Kook?” you questioned offering the older man a battering of your long lashes unconsciously.

He side eyed the maknae before glancing back at you to answer.

“Well, besides the fact he was staring at your ass, just for fun.” he said running a hand through his dark hair.

“Jungkook!!” you growled, insecure.

“It's not my fault!” the boy whined.

“How can you staring at my ass not be your fault?” you questioned.

“He is still a hormonal teen, y/n, he's probably just sexually frustrated, yanno, not getting as much as the rest of us. You can’t fully blame him” Yoongi interjected.

You pouted in response to the older mans defence of the boy he had just exposed.

“I'm 21, I'm not a teenager anymore, hyung.” he retorted.

“But you're not denying anything else,” Yoongi said, “he probably finds you quite good looking y/n. So you should watch out, kid.” he finished, shuffling over to you and  ruffling your hair.

You eyed Jungkook and he had a stroppy pout on.

“You're all getting laid? Including my brother? And Taehyung!?” you questioned.

“Anyway, I'll leave you two alone.” Yoongi said grabbing a packet of unknown snacks and leaving the kitchen with a wink.

“Damn! Joon and Tae getting laid!” you had to laugh, “Also, Don’t look at my ass, you ass.” you grumbled as you stirred the contents of the cup noodles.

“Don’t wave it around in front of me then, gosh.” he replied teasingly.

“Shut it, hormonal teen.” you retorted, carrying the noodles towards the large table that could sit 8 people.

Two chairs headed each end of the wooden and metal legged rectangle and two benches accompanied its sides.

You opted for the bench. Jungkook grabbed chopsticks of his own and sat beside you on the bench seat parallel to the table.

“But babe….” he whined, still pouting.

“Nope. Shush! Don't call me that.” you hissed, locking your chopsticks with some noodles in the steaming soup and pulling them from its depths.

You blew them as you held them to your lips, the steam dissipating before you. You slurped them up.

Jungkook watched you intently, his hunger growing, his stomach growling.

“Here.” you said sliding the pot closer to him.

He ate and slid it back to you.

“That looks good” A new voice rung through the room. A boy with wavy  hair stood at the end of the table.

“Tae!” you squeaked with a grin.

“Wassup y/n” he replied throwing up a gang sign with slack shoulders. You threw one back in response.

Jungkook was lost throughout the whole interaction. He still hadn't seen you 2 interact much.

“Do you want some?” you piped, motioning towards the noodles before you.

“Yes please.” he replied, moving over to you and the Maknae.

You went to pass him your chopsticks but he pushed your offering hand away.

“Feed me” he said pointing a finger at his open mouth.

“Childish much?” you teased.

He did the same pointing-at-his-food-hole action.

“Fine but you have to plait my hair in return.” you said grinning cheekily.

“Yep, now feed me woman” he said eagerly.

You fed him and afterwards he fled the room as soon as the last bit of noodle slipped through his lips, yelling a muffled “thanks” once he was out of sight.

“Feed me” Jungkook said from your side. You had almost forgot his exsistance because of the silence he emitted.

“Why?” you questioned.

“You fed Taehyung and you aren’t even his girlfriend”

“I know him more than I know you.”

“But I'm the one that will be spending my money on you.”

“I don’t want you to spend your money on me.”

“Still. You should feed me, or I'll sabotage all our games.” he threatened.

“Feed yourself” you said pushing the pot to him.

“Fine.” he pouted, stuffing the rest of the noodles into his mouth.

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