the one with the thirsty hoe

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"Hyung, can you please just bring me some clothes with her phone, I just can't go back to the dorms yet..."

"Fine, me and Taehyung will bring you your stuff later" Yoongi grumbled.

"Hyung isn't talking to any of us." Taehyung said into the phone that was on speaker infront of all the boys in the longue.

"He just stormed into his room and hasn't come out." Hoseok added.

"Did he really hit you?" Jimin asked.

"Yeah, it wasn't a very good punch." Jungkook reassured while you still iced his cheek from beside him.

"He still shouldn't have hit you, I have to tell PD Nim." Jin said.

"No, don't tell him. I don't want to cause drama."

"You don't think that dating and fucking his little sister behind his back is enough drama?" Yoongi grumbled again, he was woken up too early and wasn't in the best mood.

"I have a name, Yoongi." you snapped into the phone.

The boys were all taken back from your sudden outburst. Not only did they not know you were on the call but they didn't expect you to snap at Yoongi if anyone.

"Ah~ y/n... I didn't know you were on the call-"

"How was losing your virginity?" Taehyung barked out, interrupting his hyung, he was excited for you.

You blushed furiously and Jungkook smiled down at you beside him.

"There wasn't any complaints." Jungkook said cockily.

"Jungkook! I swear to God!" you whined and pulled the ice away from his face frowning.

They guys laughed on the other end of the phone and you put your head in your hands to cover and cool your flushing face.

"Don't be embarrassed y/n." Yoongi said knowing exactly how you were reacting.

"Is she blushing?" Jimin asked and they snickered lightly when Jungkook let out a "mhmm".

"Aish, Jungkook, you can ice your own face." You said pouting stropily, putting the ice in his empty hand and getting up from the couch, disappearing to the kitchen.

"Jungkook, you really should come back to the dorms so we can get PD nim to talk to everyone..."

"Hyung I can't," Jungkook took his phone off of speaker and put it to his ear, icing his cheek with the other hand.

"Maknae, you can't let this fester into a problem, you have to face Namjoon."

"But I'm worried about y/n...." Jungkook trailed off.

"Well we are worried about our group, this could break us up if he is pissed enough, and Yoongi hasn't seen him this pissed since back in highschool...."

"Its true." Yoongi added in.

"What happened in highschool?" Jungkook asked, ready to compare the situations.

"It was when he gave hickey lessons to your girlfriend and Namjoon caught her making out with his neck."

"Shut up Taehyung!" Yoongi growled.

"Oh..." Jungkook let out defeated, "I just don't want to leave y/n here alone, she was really upset and she couldn't let go of me, she thinks if I leave I might never be able to come back... she refused to let me leave her sight." He whispered the last bit as you entered the room with 2 mugs of hot chocolate.

"How about you have the week to yourselves then we will organise a meet up with everyone to discuss this issue?" Hoseok suggested as Yoongi and Taehyung bickered back and forward quietly in the background still. Jin smacked both of them and they shut up. Jungkook smiled weakly hearing them both grumble in pain.

"Ok... thanks y/n." He said as you plopped back onto the couch and put his hot chocolate on the coffee table. You nodded and snuggled into his arm, sipping from your mug.

"Can you put us on speaker?" Taehyung asked and Jungkook did as requested.

"Y/n!" Taehyung yelled and you looked into the phone Jungkook held horizontally infront of you.

"Yeah?" You said.

"Don't be upset! I'm here for you!" He said and you smiled cutely at your best friends words.

"Aww, you're so cute" Jungkook purred unconsciously.

"We don't want you to be upset y/n... so you take care of our Jungkook for the rest of the week and we will try to deal with your brother." Jin reassured.

"Ok. I think I can handle him." You said and Jungkook frowned at you playfully.

"Why don't we go make some cookies?" Jungkook teased and you swallowed harshly, knowing exactly what he was saying.

"Shut up Kook, you thirsty hoe." You said.

"Can we have some?" Hobi asked hearing the mention of cookies. Taehyung snickered and Jungkook choked as he took a sip of the hot chocolate you had made him.

"Ah~ Hobi... it's not..." you couldn't explain.

"Hyung, he meant something sexual..." Taehyung barked a laugh.

"What? How is making cookies sexual?!" Hobi asked, concerned.

"Taehyung!" You roared.

"How does Taehyung know?" Jungkook asked and you looked down embarrassed.

"You told him?!" Jungkook whined.

"Isn't it good for your reputation?" You asked.

"But still, he doesn't have to know everything we do." Jungkook continued.

"It's not like you are very subtle, yelling it over the phone." You retorted.

Taehyung meanwhile had told the boys, while you two were bickering, what happened when you made cookies last time. They all suddenly roared with laughter and you and Jungkook whined at Taehyung.

"Taehyung!" You both said informally, insync.

The rest of the week went by peacefully for you and Jungkook. You bonded alot and became completely comfortable with each other.

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