Chapter 62

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Sabrina's POV

Days later

I can't believe I'm pregnant. Yesterday , Emilia went with me to the doctors. I saw my little baby inside of me. Im really excited and happy. I still haven't told anyone nor have I spoken to Erick. I plan on telling my parents first. I looked down and began to rub my belly.

" No matter what I'm going to love you ." I said to it. I looked up and there stood Zabdiel with wide eyes.

" oh ." Was all I could say

" your pregnant ?" He asked and shut the door.

" Yes, I am ." I confessed.

He hugged me tightly. " congratulations ."

" thank you , don't tell anyone. I'll be telling them later ." I said

" what about Erick and your parents?" He asked

" Erick has no clue and I don't know if I'll tell him. My parents I'm going to head out now and tell them." I said still in his arms.

He finally pulled away " I want you to know that I love you and I will love the baby. I know it's not mine and your not mine. But I care for the both of you so much." He said after.

"Thanks Zabdi. Thank you for being so understanding." Was all I could say to him.

" I'll drive you to your parents house." He offered and I nodded.

* At my parents house *

" I have something to tell you all ." I said.

Zabdiel rubbed my back for comfort.

" I'm having a baby. I'm pregnant." I said

They all gasped. My mom and siblings hugged and congratulated me. My dad on the other hand ...

" Rebbeca take all your things and leave." He said

" Honey." My mom called out to him trying to call him down.

" No , we raised you much better than this. You are still too young. Pack the rest of your stuff and leave now." He said and I nodded.

I went upstairs with Zabdiel and got the other half of my things I have here and left. As soon as we got into the car I began to cry.

" muñeca please don't cry. You will get through all this. Don't stress to much. No good for you nor the baby." He cooed while driving.

* back at home*

I was still crying when I walked in and threw my bags on the floor.

" hey what happened ?" Emilia asked and I saw everyone in the living room. Everyone except Erick.

" My dad kicked me out." I croaked.

Everyone gasped. Emilia and Joel's eyes soften.

" Do you know why ?" Richard asked.

I took a deep breath.

" I don't know if I'm going to tell Erick but , I'm pregnant ." I said.

They all ran up and gave me a hug. They congratulated me.

" Vamos a ser tíos !" Christopher cheered.

The cheers came to a halt when we heard

" so you weren't going to tell me that I'm going to be a father."

There stood Erick looking like a mess. His hair was all over the place , bags under his eyes , and his eyes bloodshot red.

" Erick can we please talk alone ?" I asked and he nodded beginning to go up the stairs.

We made it to his room and locked the door.

" I wasn't going to tell you yet because I figured you wouldn't want the baby. Plus you're with someone else and we won't be together ." I said

" 1. Who said I wouldn't want the baby. 2. I'm not with anyone else I kicked her out blocked her don't want to see her ever again in my love. 3. You don't want to be with me ?" He asked.

" Erick you cheated ."

" Yes and it was a mistake I'm sorry. Look at me I've been a mess these pass few days. Yo te amo. I love you so much !" He said kneeling down.

" and I love you." He said placing a kiss on my stomach.

" I know it's going to be hard to forget but , please give me a second chance. I love you and I already love the baby so much. I'll prove it to you." Erick finished.

" We shall see." I said and walked out.

I grabbed my bags and began to settle the rest of my stuff in.

Ugh , I love him a little too much.

What do you think the baby will be ?

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