Chapter 23

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Sabrina's POV Christmas Day

I was woken up to sudden movement. It felt as if I were sleeping on a boat. The movement got even stronger. I then heard shouting.

" GOOD MORNING ITS CHRISTMAS!" I heard. I opened my eyes and saw Erick and Christopher jumping on my bed. I threw a pillow at them.

Then a shirtless Richard barged in
" Santa ate the cookies and drank all the milk!" He exclaimed in a kids voice. Then came Zabdiel

" There are presents !"

" Come on get up !!" Said Joel now pulling me out of bed. They dragged me down the stairs.
Our tree truly looked beautiful.

" Ugh , I can't stay mad at you guys for waking me up early. I love you guys too much. Merry Christmas locos ." I said smiling.

* Hours later *
I was just finishing getting dressed our families should be here any second.

* Hours later * I was just finishing getting dressed our families should be here any second

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I walked downstairs and there were already people.  Strange I didn't hear the door bell. Oh well.

" Hi mom and mom ." I said hugging my mom
And Joel's mom.

" Hola triplets." I said to Joel's brothers. I then went along greeting everyone as they all just started to come in. 

I then felt a hand go on my waist.

" You look beautiful." Joel whispered in my ear.

" Gracias Joelito." I said blushing.

" Think you could give me another hint ?" He asked.

" He has a good sense of style ." I smirked. He groaned knowing that truly gave him no clue what so ever.

" I don't know why your with Emilia .
You and Sabrina would be cuter ." My sister said.

" Steph , Joel and I are just great friends. Like you said he has a girlfriend."I spoke.

" mhmmm sure ." She said. 

I rolled my eyes at her. She's so right. I was brought out of my thoughts when I heard.

" Mistletoe!"  Richard and his brother both placed a kiss on cheek each of them on one side. I giggled. These fools.  I caught Zabdiel staring.  I sent a smile his way. He's honestly so sweet yet very quiet.

After sometime we exchanged gifts. The boys all loved what I got them. They each gave me a hug. Erick planted a kiss on my forehead.
Zabdiel , Richard , and Christopher each got me gift cards since they couldn't really decide what to pick for me.

" Open mine." Erick said smirking. It was a little box with a cute bow on it. I open it and there was a necklace with half of a heart and it said " Best" on it. I looked up at Erick in confusion. He then rolled up his sleeve and revealed a bracelet on his arm. The bracelet had the other half of the heart and it said " friends."

" Omg." I said touching it.

" That's not all ." He said flipping it over. His half had the letter S.  Which meant Mine had the letter E for Erick.

" Thank you cubano! I love it ." I said kissing his cheek. He turned me around and put the necklace on my neck.

The boys just stared in shock.

" Well um now open mine ." Joel said in a tone i couldn't quite figure out. His gift was a cute box as well. I open it and saw a beautiful bracelet with a music note on it.

" Since I know you love to sing." He said

" Joel it's beautiful thank you ." I said hugging him. Since we were standing I went to reach for his cheek but , ended up kissing his neck.

Wow he smelt delicious.

" tiny ." Was all he said and smiled.

I pulled away and there were a couple eyes on us. I blushed.

Why must we always fall for someone we can't have ?

How you look so perfect on your worst days ?
Merry Christmas muñeca !

How cute was Erick's gift🤧? Don't worry some explosion will come soon.

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