Chapter 2

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Joel's POV
1 month later

* beep beep beep* I groaned as I rolled over to the other side of my bed. My summer had officially come to an end.  As today would be my first day of college. At least I'm not there for long , well we shall see how it goes. It took be about 10 minutes for me to decide whether I wanted to get out of bed or not. I decided to do my morning routine and get ready. Once I was done my mom had made me breakfast. By the time I was done I heard a honk outside.  My ride was here. 

"Loco esta ready?" Asked Christopher as I got into the car.

" ehh." I replied

" for sure this year your letting loose I don't want to hear it." Johann said.

The rest of the ride consist of them talking about that huge house party we went to a month ago. Now before you guys say anything or ask. I did not get Emilia's number.


" since you said your full name I'll say mine. I'm Emilia ... Emilia Mernes." She said mocking me.

" Well nice to meet you Emilia." I said sticking out my hand for her to shake which she gladly did.  She was about to speak up and say something else.  But , in that moment a fight broke out and her name was being called.         " bye Joel." Was all she said and she took off to where the loud thuds were coming from. In that moment as well the guys and I decided to leave. It was all enough. 

End of Flashback

Have I thought about her since that day ? Yes I have.  Now do I hope to bump into her again someday? Maybe , I don't know.  As we walked in ,the university was pretty huge. I mean well duh it's a university. We each split up and went to do our own thing. Luckily , we end our classes at the same time.

* after classes*

I had finished a little earlier than expected to I began to walk out the building. I was busy texting the others when I bumped into someone. Once again a girl and her back was facing me. I really need to stop doing this.

" My fault I'm sorry" I said to her. She giggled. I knew that giggle anywhere, could it be ?

" You know Joel , you really got to stop doing that." Emilia said turning to face me with a smirk. Wow she remembered my name. Well more surprisingly she recognized my voice.

" yea I-I know I'm really sorry. I wasn't paying attention." I said type nervous. Once again she was about to say something but , we got interrupted. I guess I'll never get to have a full conversation with her.

" Babe you ready to go?" A guy said placing his hands on her smirking. What a gentlemen,note the sarcasm. I didn't bother waiting for a response or a bye. I just kept walking.

What makes me think a guy like me could talk to a girl like her.

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