Chapter 42

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Sabrina's POV
I was laying on my bed pouring my eyes out. My door then flew open.

" Sabby no llores más ." Erick said quickly sitting on my bed.

I sat up and let him wrap his arms around me.

" he called me ." I croaked.

" I know ." He said sighing. I cried a little more.

" have you eaten ?" He asked.

" no ." I said

" what you love food! You need to eat . I'll be back." He said.

Sabrina's mom POV

" Marissa ?" Erick called out my name.

" yes sweetie ?" I responded

" she hasn't eaten , what should I get her ?" He asked.

" bring her back some tacos ." I said smiling.

" Okay , I'll be right back. I'm going to take her keys." He stated and with that he walked out.

I really liked Joel but , did Joel truly like my daughter?

In Erick's eyes and actions you can tell he likes my daughter.  I'm here for it.

Sabrina's POV

About 20 minutes later my door reopened.

" Look what I got ." Erick said showing me a bag of tacos.

"Tacos!" I shouted like a baby.

He sat next to me and we began to eat. What would I do without Erick?

His phone then went off. It read " Zabdiel"

FaceTime call
E : hey man what's up ?
Z : hey how's she doing?
S : Hola Zabdi * shows him the taco *
Z : I can see your doing much better he laughs

Then there was lots of shuffling on Zabdiel's end.

" is that her?!" I instantly recognize Joel's voice.

" Zabdiel give me the phone !" He shouts.

" bye guys I got to go ." Zabdiel says hanging up.

" I don't see why he cares so much." I say to Erick.

"How about we not talk about him and watch Netflix or something." Erick replies.

" perfect I say ."

We began to watch Netflix and with time I drifted of to sleep in Erick's arms.

* Next morning*

I woke up and there was no sign of Erick. But, there was a note.

Princesa I'm sorry I had to leave early his morning.

So he did spend the night with me.

I'm planning something very special for Mi mejor amiga. You truly deserve it. If you open your closet I picked out an outfit.  I'll pick you up at 7. — cubano

Awww isn't he the best ?

I went downstairs to the kitchen and found my mom.

" Goodmorning ." I said sitting on the stool.

" buenos días ." She says smirking. 

" what ?" I asked.

" I went to check up on you guys last night and saw you two in eachother arms sleeping ." She states

I groan " mom we're best friends. Besides I just broke up with Joel but , I love him ."

" Yes you love Joel and Erick loves you ." She states

" yes in a brotherly way ." I reply

" No Sabby , Erick likes you I see it in his eyes and the way he is with you." She says.

" no mom ."

" okay mi hija whatever helps you sleep at night ."

But, what if she's right ? Mothers are always right.

Sabrina relax , he's your best friend you cares.

Aww Erick please be mine. Anyway , Sabrina and Erick going on a date oop. What will Joel do ?

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