Chapter 43

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Erick's POV

I left Sabrina's house early and decided to plan something special for her. After I did everything. I made it back home.

" loco adonde estabas?" Christopher asked.

So early and already with the damn questions.

" well I ended up sleeping in Sabrina's house."
I said shyly.

" wepaaa." Richard said.

" you did what ?" Joel said walking in.

" nothing happened she's so in love with you and you messed up everything ." I spat.

" a ti que te importas. Go ahead run to Emilia stop acting." Zabdiel spat.

I've never seen Zabdiel so bothered or mad.

" Cuz after all she was my best friend and girlfriend. I fell for her too ." Joel answered.

" the lies ." I said chuckling.

" it's true." Joel said softly.

" well today I'm taking her out and treating her like the princess she is ." I stated and walked up to my room. I don't have time for Joel.

* hour later*

I got myself ready( picture above) and made my way to pick up Sabrina.

I knocked on the door and Marissa opened it.

" Hola Erick ." She said hugging me and I hugged her back.

" thank you for all that you do." She said

" no need to thank me ." I said.

My eyes then landed on Sabrina. Wow she's beautiful. She wore the outfit I picked out.

" Cubano

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" Cubano ." She said hugging me.

" you look beautiful ." I managed to say.

" you have good taste." She giggled.

We got into the car and we were on our way.

" are we almost there?" I asked. We've been driving for a while now.

Erick stopped the car and covered my eyes.

" Erick que haces ?" I asked.

" tranquila." He said guiding me out the car.

He uncovered my eyes and I saw the most beautiful setting ever. We were in some sort of garden and in the middle a table for two. We were surrounded by beautiful flowers and lights.

I could cry right now.

" Erick thank you , this is beautiful ." I said hugging him.

" I'm glad you like it." He replied.

" okay now let's eat I'm starving ." I said dragging him to the table. He chuckled.

As we ate we laughed and talked about so much. I got to know more and more about Erick. Oh , and I know a lot about Erick.

He then received a call

"Hello." He answered.

A pause

" I'm a little busy right now."

A pause.

"'okay I'll be on my way ." He sighed and hung up.

" I'm sorry I had more planned but , I have to go home and watch my nephew no one else can." He spoke.

" that's fine I'll go with you." I said smiling.

* At Erick's house*

"Hola daysi." I said hugging her. We were all interrupted by

" Tio Erick Tio Erick!" Thiago came in yelling.

" heyyy." Erick said picking him up.

" we'll see you later ." Erick's mom said leaving.

" Is this your novia ?" Thiago asked  and I giggled.

" No but , I wish ." Erick said boldly.

Okay , what is he talking about ?

" If you want you can change and borrow some of my clothes." Erick said.

" don't have to tell me twice." I ran upstairs to his room.

I walked into his room and I got sweats and shirt. As i was changing I realized he had many pictures of us framed. I smiled at them. I then saw a little notebook next to the pictures. It seemed more like a diary. Erick has many poems and notes in here. A certain one caught my attention.

Sabrina te querio much pero no te puedo decir. I wish you knew how I truly feel about you.

No , there's no way. I ran downstairs.

" Erick ?!" I said.

" what's wrong ?" He asked.

" I read your diary or whatever it is. Explain to me please ." I said tears forming in my eyes I don't know why.

"Erick !?" I raised my voice.

He smashed his lips onto mine.  I was caught by surprised but I felt myself kissing back. 

I was so blind to not fall in love with someone who truly loves me. Instead I fell for the wrong guy and it's too late. I guess that's why i was crying. 

What Sabrina doesn't know is that it's never too late. But, finally she knows !! What do you think will happen next ? Do you think Joel will find out ? How will Zabdiel feel about all this ?

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