Chapter 29

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Sabrina's POV

Wow I did it. I actually kissed him. I pulled away.

"Joel look about that ." I didn't finish my sentence until I felt his soft lips on mine again. The pair of lips I've been craving for so long.

" Let me get comfy and we can all watch movies." He said.

We'll talk about what just happened eventually.

We walked upstairs and all the guys were in the living room. I know they were getting ready to bombard Joel with questions.

" Guys I'm sorry for yelling at you guys." He said.

They all nodded waiting for more.

" I can please change and then I'll explain." He said and they all nodded again.

Within a few minutes he came back down in sweats and a t-shirt.

" Okay to sum it up. I caught Emilia doing it with another guy." He said. They all gasped.

" Thotty." Richard said. The boys all nodded in agreement.

" Damn bro and on your birthday too." Christopher said shaking his head.

I then remembered we bought him a cake. I got up and gave the others a look. I came back out with the cake and we sung happy birthday.

" Thank you guys. I love you ." He said smiling directly at me tho.

" Now we can watch movies like old times and eat cake ." Zabdiel said.

" Whoo Hoo! Joel is single." The guys shouted.

Joel and I laughed at these fools.

We began to watch a movie. Joel smiled at me and pulled me into his chest. Okay , woahh.  I smiled up at him.

I once again caught Zabdiel staring our way. I don't understand Joel and I would normally do this or Erick and I. Just then my phone went off.

It kills me that you aren't mine.

I looked up quickly and saw no one on their phone. Who can it be ?  Joel then looked down and I showed him. 

" Whoever it is really likes you ." He whispered and I nodded.

" He should've approached you sooner because now it's too late." He said with a smirk and looked back at the movie.

What does he mean by it's too late ??

What do you guys think Joel is talking about ? Wow three updates in a day. I'm on a roll.

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