Chapter 20

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Joel's POV

" Hijo I don't really like Emilia." My mom said. Everyone just stared at us.

" Well I do ." I stated.

" As long as your happy." She said and smiled.

I wonder why she doesn't like her. But , we're not going to talk about it now.

After sometime we decided to leave.

" Mom I'll be sleeping over." Sabby said with a duffle.

" boys take care of her." She said but , looked mainly at me.

" We will ." They all said excited. They loved Sabrina.

" Video games ?." Erick asked. No one can separate these two. Jealous Joel ? No I have a girlfriend. But , they can at least give each other space.

" Oh , your on ." She said as we got into the car.

* hours later*

It was pretty late so i took a shower and laid in bed. I started to think about everything. My mom doesn't like Emilia because she likes Sabrina for me. Plus Emilia has a past I guess she knows. I mean at the end of the day I don't blame my mom. Sabrina has every quality.

I was brought out of my thoughts when I heard a knock on my door.

" come in?" I said.

" Joelito , can i bring a mattress in here and sleep on the floor ? " she asked her tiny figure peeking through the door.

" You scared of thunder ?" I asked chuckling. She nodded.

" come here." I said moving over so she can lay next to me. Joel what are you doing ? Relax we've slept together before. It will be like that. I'm not going to let her sleep on the floor.

She quickly ran in and cuddled thunder the blankets. I chuckled " your such a little kid ."

" and so are you. All of you guys are. That's why we get along so well." She said.

From there we engaged in so many conversations. Instead of sleeping.

" Sabby I have to be honest with you.  I heard when you said you have your eyes on someone , who ?" I asked. She blushed.

" it's top secret ." She said.

I groaned " Can I get a hint."

" he's taller than me ." She said smiling. 

" But, that's everyone." I said rolling my eyes and she hit my arm.

" You said a hint. I gave you one. Maybe I'll give you more has time goes on ." She said yawning.

" Yea let's get some rest." I said. I then placed her head on my chest. It felt comfortable. We are best friends !! I like Emilia !!

" goodnight Joelito." She said and fell asleep. 

Aww they are so cute ! Who should Sabrina have a cute moment with next?

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