Chapter 50

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Christopher's POV

* laughs *

Now you guys can see my thoughts. * laughs again *

Today we decided it was a great day for a pool day. We would just invite the girls over. Except for Sabrina of course she lives here basically.

" no fair you know I can't get into the pool." Joel whined

" it's okay we'll spray you with the water gun." I said.

I quickly texted Nicole and Richard texted Yocelyn.  Joel is recovering really well.  Sabrina has been helping him. She's not too close to him but , it's clear she still has feelings. Nothing would happen though Erick is stuck to her like glue. Plus , I know she has something for him too. Right now , they were acting like kids fooling around but, being cute. They excused themselves.

" we're going to buy things we'll be back ."
Sabrina laughed.

Once they were gone I looked at Zabdiel. He just sat there watching them. I feel bad.

" you good bro ?" I asked.

" as long as he doesn't hurt her ."He said calmly.

I patted his shoulder.

* hour later*

We were all chilling by the pool fooling around.

" Whooo!" Erick yelled with Sabrina over his shoulder and jumped right in the pool.

" Yo Guys Where's Joel ?" Richard asked.

" he walked inside no ?" Nicole said.

We all shrugged.

" Hola." We all heard and looked up. There stood Emilia beside Joel.

" why is she here ?" Sabrina asked

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" why is she here ?" Sabrina asked.

" I'm asking the same thing ." I said. 

Okay let's spill some truths. I still have feelings for Emilia. They just aren't as strong after all that she did.  I just really  want to know why is she here.

"Hi Christopher ." She said swimming towards me. I was so in my thoughts I didn't realize she got in the pool.

" oh um hi ." I said Nicole quickly swam towards me. That's my future girl. She knows about Emilia. I guess that's why we aren't officially dating.

In this house we have a whole big love square and who knows what could happen next.

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