Chapter 40

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Sabrina's POV

I once again saw Joel's location it said he was at Emilia's. There was only one way to find out. I got in my car and drove off. As soon as I got there Ana opened the door. She's worked for them since forever.  She was surprised to see me but, still let me in.  I walked towards the living room and saw it all. They were making out. 

" I knew it !" I managed to say.  They instantly pulled apart and I stormed off. My eyes already watery.

" Sabby wait." Joel said following me.

I ignored him and went in my car. I drove off to the guys house. Joel won't be coming home no time soon.

Erick's POV

The boys and I are currently in the living room talking and having random conversations. All of a sudden the door slams shut.  Sabrina walks in tears rolling down her face. She storms upstairs into the guest room which is her room. 

" UGHH!" She shouts and slams the door.

" LO ODIO LO ODIO!" She shouts followed by a thud.

" Bro go check on her like now !" Richard says.  

" Dale Erick !" Zabdiel exclaims.

" Scream if anything ."Christopher says

I run upstairs. I here another loud thud. I run faster to her room. I see her knocking down the many things she has here. She pulls out her mini luggage. Her face is red and tears pouring down.

" UGH I HATE HER!" She shouts and throws the luggage. I run to her and grab her.

" Shh shhh no more. Esta bueno ." I whisper.

She begins to slide down against the wall. Since I'm holding her I'm going down with her until we're both siting on the floor. We are surrounded with this mess. She only cries harder into my chest. I begin to stroke her hair.

" Princesa please stop crying.  What happened ?" I asked.  That only made her erupt again.

After a good ten more minutes she calmed down and begin to speak.

" Erick I hate him but , I love him ." She croaked.

Joel .

" What happened princesa please tell me ." I pleaded.

" Joel cheated on me. I saw him in Emilia's house making out." She cried once more. I hugged her tightly.

How dumb can Joel be ? This girl is willing to give him the world. If only I would've realized my feelings sooner. She would be the happiest girl right now.

Erick , it's never too late my mind shouted at me. 

Zabdiel's POV

" What do ya think happened ?" Asked Richard.

" Most likely Joel ." Christopher said.

I was pacing around the room. I was fuming. I hate to see her sad. 

" Zabdiel you okay bro ?" Richard asked.

"  What is wrong with Joel? Una muñeca tiene el.  Does he not notice ?" I spat.

" Wait a minute bro ." Christopher begins to speak.

"You like Sabby , don't you ?" Richard ask.

Damn , I've been caught.

" I like her so very much but , she can never find out. Ya better not say anything ." I say.

They both begin to dance.

" I mean it ." I say in a serious tone.

" yea bro we won't say anything." Christopher says.

" Erick texted me. He says we should go upstairs now too." Richard said. We all get up and go to her room.

Sabrina's POV

" Damn girl there was a whole tornado in your room ." Christopher says and I glare at him. Richard smacks the back of his head. Which makes me laugh in slightest.

" Hey , I made her laugh tho." He then says again. Zabdiel now smacks him.

" okay guys I get it ." He says rubbing the back of his head.

" Sabby what happened ?" Richard asks sitting on the floor across from Erick and I. Zabdiel and Chris join him.

" Erick you tell them ." I said softly.

" Joel cheated on her. She looked at his location and he was at Emilia's. So she went and caught them making out." Erick explained.

They all got angry.

" I'm going to pack all my stuff and leave.  I can't be here with him around." I said.

"Well then let's clean this mess and help you pack your things. So when he comes back he won't find a single thing." Erick says.

" we'll make him feel bad ." Zabdiel adds.

We all get up and they begin to help me.

Joel Pimentel what were you thinking ?

I feel Sabrina's pain. What will Joel say ? Will Erick or Zabdiel take their chance ?

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