Arranged Marrige [Joel Pimentel] ✔ by cnco_ff
Arranged Marrige [Joel Pimentel] ✔by cnco_ff
[Highest Ranking #1 ' May 22, 2018' Joel Pimentel] [Highest Ranking #6 ' July 15, 2018 CNCO] _________________________________ Started: December 28th, 2017 Finished: Feb...
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My Brother's Bestfriend  | Joel Pimentel | by cnco_ff
My Brother's Bestfriend | Joel cnco_ff
Started ~ Sept 29th, 2018 Completed ~ I y'all enjoy this book!😏 Follow me, Vote, Comment and Share my books love yallllll!!!❤❤ ~ ~ S M A L L E P I L O G U E ~ ~ ...
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Bloom |  Joel Pimentel  by ShoelPimentel
Bloom | Joel Pimentel by ShoelPimentel
They began to work alongside each other and fell in love, typical. Everything seems to be going great until there's a glitch made by one of them in their lovely love st...
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The interview  by lolesmilla
The interview by Ciamilla londres
I was beyond exhausted ready to head home when my friend / co workers asked me for a favor little did I know this favor would cost me !
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baby daddy | jp | completed by zabdielsjauregui
baby daddy | jp | completedby valeria
what happens when isabella ends up pregnant and has to move in with her best friend? lowercase intended. includes spanglish.
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Pregnant By The Mafia [Joel Pimentel]✔ by cnco_ff
Pregnant By The Mafia [Joel cnco_ff
CURRENTLY EDITING! Grammar, parts of the story. More explanation. ~~~~~ [Highest Ranking: #4 ~ July 9th, 2018 Joel Pimentel] [Highest Ranking: #3 ~ July 10th, 201...
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Texting Joel Pimentel ✔ by M-C-D-S-G
Texting Joel Pimentel ✔by Mae
*Unknown sent you a message* Accidents happen, but not all accidents are typically bad. __________________ Did fate bring us together, or was it just by chance? ______...
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El Hijo De Mi Jefe by KattyTArnedo
El Hijo De Mi Jefeby Katty T. Arnedo
Quien diría que me iba a enamorar... Del Hijo De Mi jefe
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Mamita (Joel Pimentel) by CliffordsDirection
Mamita (Joel Pimentel)by CliffordsDirection
"I'd like one lottery ticket please" I say. The boy next to me laughs and with a smirk on his face says, "En esta noche si me la das a mí te sacas la lote...
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do I choose you or him?  by kawathepawa
do I choose you or him? by Kara Williams
Erick Brian colon and Joel Pimentel are my best friends they both have a crush on me but they told me to choose one of them. Who will I choose?
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Living with them~CNCO fanfiction  by JoelsForeverWife
Living with them~CNCO fanfiction by Perla💙🥔
What will happen when Perla moves in with her brother, Yoandri and his friends from CNCO? Will she make new friends? Will she finally find peace, or will she find the lo...
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Una cosa es ser ciego y otra no querer ver la realidad, hay personas las cuales son ciegas y ven el lado positivo de la vida dejando de lado todo lo negativo. Pero hay u...
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Adicta al sexo de mi padre  by joelpimentel10
Adicta al sexo de mi padre by By:ily🏳️‍🌈
Tn & Joel Tn pimentel es una niña de tan solo 13 años ella es dulce carismática y muy inocente Joel pimentel padre de tn el tiene 33 años es una chico divorciado el se h...
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First Love [Joel Pimentel] ✔ by cnco_ff
First Love [Joel Pimentel] ✔by cnco_ff
[Highest Ranking #10 ' July 15, 2018 Joel CNCO] Just read and enjoy the chapters💕🤗♥️
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Joel Pimentel Imagines by joelstrinity
Joel Pimentel Imaginesby The Unholy Trinity
For all you unholy hoes 🌚
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what is love?  by kawathepawa
what is love? by Kara Williams
Having my first boyfriend was scary but I ended up happy in the end
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Yours (Joel Pimentel) [Completed] by titasdebnath
Yours (Joel Pimentel) [Completed]by Titas Debnath
"Tomorrow will be the last time I see him and then we will never cross path again." What happens when you bump into someone and your life changes from the very...
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The Boy Across the Street by emilyvgas
The Boy Across the Streetby Emily
Emily is that type of girl that stays home all day, on her phone or finishing up a season of her favorite show on Netflix. She was practically invisible t everyone and e...
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Esto Es Amor 2 (Joel y Tu) by Cncowner__1209
Esto Es Amor 2 (Joel y Tu)by Cncowner__1209
Esta es la segunda parte de "ESTO ES AMOR"... ¿Qué habra pasado con ___ y Joel? ¿Se habran reencontrado? Solo lo sabras en la segunda temporada de "ESTO E...
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Be Mine - Joel Pimentel  by mayxx97
Be Mine - Joel Pimentel by mayxx97
Is it ever a good idea to date your managers daughter? You tell me.
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